Friday, April 5, 2013

Vinegar Friday -- Phew, what stinks?


Ahh, Spring is in the air, filling it with the scent of daffodils and hyacinths and... ewwww. What is that smell?

With the rising temps, keep your nostrils peeled for the scent of death... you know the distinct odor of a dead rodent. Yuck! 

If the warmer sunshine is thawing out more than leftover
A shot of our playhouse at Christmas
snow in your yard, you just might come across the rotting carcass of a field mouse, chipmunk, squirrel or, as in my case one spring, a raccoon -- talk about stench! Somehow Mr. Raccoon wedged himself behind our playhouse (a large L-shaped 1.5 story building in our backyard). He was stuck and he was dead... for quite awhile. 

Here's what you do after you remove the dead critter. Douse the area with distilled white vinegar. This will kill the odor. However, it will also kill the grass and any other vegetation, so use it accordingly.

May you find only sweet aromas this Spring. But in case you don't, make sure you have some vinegar on hand!

Keeping it green with vinegar,

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