Friday, August 11, 2023

In the case of being redundant . . . Hello, my friends, hello.

In April 2022, I posted part of the story of the ischemic stroke I had in September 2021. My intention was to finally start blogging again, despite the fact that my left hand wouldn't cooperate anymore when it came to typing. I was determined to recover. Then a couple of months after my "reentry" in the blogosphere, I got Covid again. This time, it attacked the scar tissue in my brain (from the stroke), causing a seizure. I thought I was having anoher stroke and it scared my husband, Bill, who called 911. 

On the way to the hospital, I had a second seizure. This time, I aspirated. When I woke up, I was in critical condition in ICU on life support. Since my husband and I both were recovering from our second bout with Covid-19, he was not permitted to come to the hospital to see me. I cannot imagine how frightened he must have been and how awful it was for him. My daughters took turns watching me through the window of my ICU room and kept him updated. A friend of my daughter's told me later that my daughter was texting her things like, "This doesn't look good. I don't think she's going to make it." Of everything I went through, for me, that was the worst -- knowing my daughters suffered through that, especially after all they went through following my stroke.

AHN Wexford July 1, 2022

After recovering, I ended up back in the hospital a few weeks later  in serious condition following a reaction to the second seizure medicine they prescribed. The first one caused a psychotic breakdown and I was dangerously close to suicide. With the second, I had profuse diarrhea and vomiting for 46 hours before I finally went to the hospital for a three-day stay, where I received 9 liters of fluid and discovered I had acute kidney damage. 

The third seizure medicine was tolerable, but seemed to reactivate many of my stroke-related deficiencies, which led to much frustration and depression. And, of course, I lost my driving privileges.

What a ride it's been. 

But it's all behind me now. Through the grace of God, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears, I'm back. I've recovered the use of my left hand, and am typing again and my brain seems to be functioning normally (or as normal as my brain has ever functioned!). I prayed hard for God to calm the wind, as Jesus did when the disciples were frightened by the storm on the sea. My storm was the effects of the stroke, particularly the use of my left hand. Day after day, I'd look at my hand and say, "Jesus, calm the wind." One day, a few months ago, that's exactly what He did. Now it's my responsibility to get back to my disrupted life. I have a new perspective and new appreciation for so many things. And I'm writing again! 

My plan is to complete BEYOND VINEGAR FRIDAYS as quickly as I can and make it available to all of you. The book will include many of the great tips in the first book, but will expand the tips beyond vinegar for more ways to ditch the chemicals without ditching the clean! I hope you'll join me  in my quest as I regain my life and my purpose.

Wishing the best for you always,

Green Grandma

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