Friday, July 6, 2018

Single stream recycling -- what does that mean?

Occasionally, I run into someone who doesn't recycle. Quite honestly, that dumbfounds me. Even if your apartment building/community/office/workplace doesn't recycle (infuriating thought), each one of us can act responsibly and recycle anyway. Every week, I haul recycling home with me because there isn't any recycling at my office. But just because there isn't a recycling pickup here, it doesn't excuse me from my duty to care for this incredible planet of ours. Right?

I stumbled upon this video about single stream recycling (where you put everything into one bin) and I thought I'd share it with you. NOTE: you should never put plastic bags into your recycling bin. They can clog up the belts. Dump your clean recycling into the bin loose, not bagged. We bag our paper, but only in paper bags, never plastic.

I hope this video is useful in your understanding of the recycling process. Enjoy!

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