Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Resolutions

Image by Teodoro S Gruhl

Last night, I was lying in bed thinking about what I could resolve to do that would be kinder to the earth. It had me stumped. Not that I have it all together when it comes to being green, but I really put forth an effort. 

While I was thinking about it, I decided to start a new tradition. While most people make resolutions on New Year's Day, I'm going to start my resolutions on Earth Day. Want to join me? I already posted my Green Grandma Question of the Day (GG QOTD) over on my Facebook page, asking community members to finish the sentence: On Earth Day this year, I resolve to ________________.

So, how would you complete that sentence? Is there anything you've been doing that hasn't been particularly earth-friendly? Perhaps you're still using too many paper towels (rags work just as well). Are you a cloth diapering mama who's gotten lazy and been using way too many disposables? Have you been forgetting your reusable bags too often when you go to the grocery store? Are you still using fabric softener (GASP!)? Are you tossing your sheets into the dryer when you could let the sun and breeze dry them just as easily (and much more fragrantly)? Are you driving when you could be walking? Have you been tossing cans and plastic bottles into the trash can at work where there's no recycling, rather than taking them home with you and putting them in your own recycling bin? Are you throwing away paper instead of taking it to a paper recycling collection bin in your community? Are you still cleaning with toxins when vinegar, lemon, and baking soda work just as effectively?

The list goes on and on. The question is: what changes are you willing to make? Will you sacrifice a bit of convenience to benefit the future generations on this magnificent planet of ours?

Which leads me back to the thoughts that kept me awake last night. What am I willing to do? This morning, it dawned on me (no pun intended). We have a few remodeling projects ahead of us and I resolve to use the greenest choices whenever possible. That means taking the time to research paints, flooring, fixtures, etc. and, within reason, paying extra for them.

So my resolution involves research. What about yours? 

Wishing you a wonderful Earth Day,


  1. I love this idea! I know I'm a wee bit late to be reading it, but I think it's awesome.

    My resolution (apart from going to your facebook page now to join!) is to try and buy more earth friendly and acknowledging birthday presents for people - whether it be a pretty notebook with recycled paper for my sister, or organic baby clothes for my nephew, or natural soaps and shampoo bars for my mum.

    That's not pushing my green thinking on them is it?

    1. Welcome to the community! And please, push on!!


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