Thursday, November 8, 2018

Say goodbye to BO for good!

My homemade deodorant is so fantastic, I just have to write about it again! 

My husband and I have been using this exclusively for over a year without a single fail and I truly can't imagine why more people aren't doing the same. While research is mixed on whether or not deodorants and antiperspirants are linked to breast cancer, I just don't want to take the chance.

The formula is simple, it's inexpensive, NON-TOXIC, and EFFECTIVE!! And I was thinking it would be make a great homemade gift for the holidays. All you need are small containers (pretty is a plus) with tight-fitting lids, some organic coconut oil, baking soda, and an essential oil of your choice. I use Young Living's Joy and my armpits smell oh, so, good. Or you can go with an unscented version and skip the essential oil altogether. It's still as effective.

Simply mix coconut oil and baking soda in a container. You want a creamy consistency, so play with the amounts as needed. Usually, it's a 50/50 blend. Of course, in the summer, your oil will tend to be more liquid than solid, but it still works. Add just a drop or two of essential oil and you're good to go. My husband and I use our fingertips and massage a small amount of the mixture under our arms as needed, which generally comes out to every third or fourth day or so... showering and bathing do not affect this. I don't pretend to know the science behind it, but it works. That's all.

So for anyone on your gift list who is still using toxic deodorants or antiperspirants, maybe you could introduce this natural alternative to them and save them from the possibility of breast cancer (you do know that even men can get breast cancer, right?). And for those who already are using safe deodorants, this is just a cheaper alternative that we've found works far better and longer than any we've tried. 

Let me know how it works for you. 

Sharing my green living tips,

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