Monday, March 26, 2012

It's not what I planned ....

Table set for a lovely Saturday morning breakfast

Do you ever have weekends when you don't accomplish much of anything you had planned to accomplish? Yep, that was my weekend. On the other hand, it was a simply delightful weekend, so I can't complain. I simply have to focus, focus, focus over the next few days so I can catch up on all I didn't do. 

On Friday, I spent my afternoon consulting with a friend/writer. What was supposed to be a 'lunch,' ended up turning into a lovely 4-hour chat on my back porch. I promised myself I would make up for the missed time at work, by working into the night. But Bill came home early and we decided to go to a local fish fry. This is hard to admit, but it was my first fish fry ever.

We got home and decided to invite our neighbors over to sit out on the porch and enjoy more of the warm weather. 

Result -- I had an interesting and fun, but non-productive day. 

I'll make up for it on Saturday, I thought. And that's as far as that went. 

I got up at 7:30 on Saturday, posted my Weekend Quote, checked out my email accounts and Facebook, and then decided I felt like cooking. So I sent a text to my daughter, asking her to come over for breakfast, and then headed to the kitchen. I put blueberry muffins in the oven, cleaned and cut up some new potatoes to boil, chopped onions, cooked bacon, whipped up some eggs and milk with some other ingredients and cut some strawberries. 

I woke Bill up with the news that Jess and Laura would be there in a few minutes for breakfast. When Laura saw the table, which was set with love, her face lit up with a huge smile. I served a bacon, cheese and onion quiche, potatoes and onions fried with butter and paprika, blueberry muffins and strawberries. It was delicious, and such a rare Saturday morning happening. By the time they left at 2:30, the day was on its way to being over. Oops. So much for my plans for the day. Work day -- fail, family day -- huge success. My heart was full. Saturday night didn't fare much better for me in the office. I accomplished some things, but spending time with my husband was way too tempting, so that's what I opted for. An episode of season 2 of the television show, Beauty and the Beast, a challenging game of Bananagrams (I won) and an equally challenging game of Quiddlers (he won). Lovely.

Sunday school, church, lunch with Jess, Laura and some friends, a long phone conversation with my mom while I sat on the patio in the sun, more time in the kitchen (fresh baked cherry crumb pie -- raw sugar makes a huge difference -- yum!) and even more time with family, as my daughter, Bethany, stopped over for some pie with her husband and my other grandbaby, Lincoln. Nice. 

When I got up on Friday morning, my plans did not include much of what actually happened. Sometimes life goes that way. But here it is, Monday morning, and I have a whole new week to 'get it right.' Or, wait, did I already do that?

Sharing more than just my Sabbath with you ... and with my wonderful family and friends,


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