Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Truths and Tidbits -- It's Q & A Time!

Photo by Shari Weinsheimer

Question:  By using only 100 percent recycled content, a Frisbee could be made from the virgin materials saved. The size of the Frisbee? 2.5 miles in diameter. Which products am I talking about and should you be looking for when shopping?

Answer:  Pet toys! (according to the green book)

Here's another one from the book:

Question:  Who said, "There are two activities in my personal life that give me limitless amounts of joy. They are, quite simply, driving my electric car and making a trip to the hazardous waste facility." ?

Answer:  Will Ferrell

Question:   Which of the following does the green book suggest could reduce your annual cooling costs by up to 25 percent?
  1. building extended eaves
  2. planting leafy trees
  3. constructing an arbor
  4. installing awnings to shade the south or west faces of your home
Answer:  All of the above

Question:  On cold nights, turning your thermostat down just 1 degree will save you how much in your heating costs and carbon emissions?
  1. 4 percent
  2. 12 percent
  3. 1 percent
  4. 7 percent
Answer:  #3  1 percent. That's for each degree lower. So if you want to save 20 percent, prepare to be chilly!

Question:  Who said, "It used to be that people who cared about the environment were called granola heads and tree huggers and treated like kooks. Now they're called visionaries, and tree hugger is a great eco-website, and maybe granola head is, too." ?

Answer:  Robert Redford

Question:  Who said, "I've seen people drinking water out of plastic bottles and then not recycling them. That's infuriating. I know it's faster to throw it in the garbage. But if you're going to buy water individually bottled for your convenience, then all I say is, take the time and put it in the can marked 'Recycle.' It's a small thing that makes a big difference." ?

Answer:  Ellen DeGeneres

That's it for today. Make sure you drop in tomorrow for another Vinegar Fridays. It's all about no pooing with a twist!

Keeping it green,


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