Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seeing with new eyes

Over the past 3 weeks, my husband has experienced something I can't quite grasp. After years of struggling to see things clearly, he finally had cataract surgery in both of his eyes. The surgeries were a success, thanks to the skillful hands of Dr. Sharon Taylor of North Park Ophthalmology. The results? Bill walks around in a state of amazement. The difference is dramatic. Colors are so much brighter and clearer. He can read signs again (whew!). He doesn't struggle to read. He's a new man.

I don't understand because I haven't been through what he has. I have a different perspective.

Perspectives. We all have a unique grasp of them, don't we? I have mine and you have yours. That should okay, right? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be. I've been attacked for some of mine, and sadly, I quite possibly have attacked you for yours.

It's an election year here in the States. I hate election years. I hate the bickering. I hate the name-calling. I hate the divisions. I hate the political litter along the road sides. I hate the commercials.

Anyone with me on that?

During the past few years, I've reexamined my own take on politics. While I still hold my values close to my heart, I recognize that you, most likely, do the same. And they, quite possibly, might be different than mine. So does that make me good and you bad? Me right and you wrong? That's the heart of the issue, isn't it? And it's where I have failed miserably in the past.

While Bill sees with new eyes physically, I've been seeing with new eyes spiritually. Yes, I do believe my values are based on Scripture; I also believe Jesus' admonition that we are to love one another. But where, oh where, does that fit in in the political arena?

Some people have been critical of me because I haven't been taking as bold a stand as I have in the past on political issues. But there are reasons for that. One of the main ones is that I cannot stand the sheer arrogance of those who refuse to at least listen to an opposing view. Listening does not require a change in your ideology. It simply requires a heart that values another person, as Jesus does.

Dialogue produces change. Yelling does not. Condescension does not. If you want someone to embrace your values, give them a chance to explain theirs. When you are willing to listen, chances are, they'll be willing to listen to. And what do you do if they stubbornly refuse to see things your way? Love them. Love isn't contingent on agreeing on everything. Where did that little idea sneak into current day politics and theology?

Do I still vehemently oppose some (or most) politicians and the decisions they are making and the laws they are imposing? Absolutely.

I am angry that our government is allowing Monsanto to poison our food.

I am angry that our government refuses to protect the lives of unborn children.

I am angry that my tax dollars go to organizations I do not believe in.

I am angry that money for environmental causes and research is wasted on foolishness.

I could go on and on. But I promised a week of positive posts, didn't I? Oops. I guess I better end on an up note then.

I love that I live in a country where I am free to say these things.

I love that I am free to worship as I choose.

I love that there are so many brave men and women willing to fight and sacrifice for freedom.

I love that I the opportunity to vote for my leaders.

I love the Green Grandma community ... even though we may see various issues differently. Our passions may go in opposite directions at times. But the truly sad thing would be if we didn't have passions at all. Thank God that we do.

Sharing a new perspective and seeing with new eyes,


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