Friday, March 2, 2012

Vinegar Fridays -- Remnants of the holidays

Photo by D Bickel

Are those post-holiday pounds still hanging on long after the Christmas tree and outdoor decorations are but a distant memory?

I chuckle as I write that, because my artificial Christmas tree still graces the family room, much to my dismay. Seriously. My husband got this bright idea that we could just take the tree, still ensconced in rows of lights, up to the spare bedroom and then just bring it back down next year. Ummm, I think not. First of all, the room is a mess. I use it as kind of a walk in closet and general junk room. In order to put the tree up there, I have to do some major cleaning out ... something I've had no time for! So, the tree sits void of decorations or a tree skirt. It looks ridiculous.

Of course, my husband has had 2 eye operations in the last month, so he can't lift anything as heavy as a box filled with fake tree limbs. Maybe he'll win and the tree will sit there until it's time to decorate it once again ... which, with the way time is moving faster and faster, will be here before you know it!

Anyway, the tree is still hanging around, but the extra holiday pounds are not. Want to know how I lost them? Apple cider vinegar! The real unfiltered stuff. Just taking a tablespoon a day of the raw organic ACV (I use Bragg's) is enough to cause the inches and pounds to come off.

In my book, Green Grandma's Vinegar Fridays, I go into more detail about how ACV can affect the fat in your body and your appetite.

While you might appreciate more detailed explanations, for me, I'm just happy with results!


Keeping it leaner with vinegar,


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