Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Earth-friendly, baby-friendly, Mama-happy!

I love guest bloggers! Today, Mariana Ashley shares some info and links to some eco-friendly kids' clothing companies, including one of my personal favorites -- Green Baby Clothing Company. Mariana is a freelance writer whose focus is often online colleges, but she enjoys branching out with articles like this about greener living. One year ago, Mariana wrote a frequently accessed post for me, Creative New Uses for Old Household Goods. She loves reader feedback, so feel free to email her.

3 Adorably Earth-Friendly Baby Clothing Lines

If you have a newborn coming into your life, you are probably very excited to shower him or her with as many gifts as possible, not to mention hugs and kisses. And, for those green-minded individuals, this is no better time to start a newborn off right with products that are good for him and the environment. Here are some baby clothing lines are completely natural, use earth-conscious production practices, and are adorable to boot. Check out the following lines to give the babies in your life the gift of green.

The adorable baby clothes from Under the Nile clothing are all made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton grown in a biodynamic agricultural system. Biodynamic agriculture is based around the view of the farm as a “self-contained, self-sustaining ecosystem responsible for creating and maintaining its individual health and vitality without any external or unnatural additions.” Buying simple things like sheets or onesies out of this pure organic cotton will do wonders for any baby’s health, as many other fabrics contain chemicals, like formaldehyde, bleach and metal dye, which can be absorbed into a child’s skin, even after laundering the material.

A onesie with a message!

Green Baby Clothing Company provides a huge array of natural and organic products just for babies. Green Baby was founded out of the belief that all individuals and businesses must take part in environmental preservation. Using only organic and otherwise Earth-friendly materials to create their lines of baby clothes, Earth Baby also prides itself on providing all the goodness of a natural product combined with an “extra coolness factor.” Choose from super cute onesies, dresses, skirts, hats, cloth diapers, outerwear, shoes and booties, blankets, toys, and bibs.

Kate Quinn Organics offers natural and environmentally friendly apparel for all ages of children. Clothing is always made with 100% certified organic fabric, grown on sustainable farms without the use of pesticides and fertilizers that contain toxic chemicals. All garments are also manufactured using Fair Trade practices, with Control Union Certifications on all their cotton. The fabrics are soft and the designs always feature classic, yet stylish, lines.

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