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Review it Wednesday -- Sayeth the Raven

An original design by Petite Paintbrush

Back in August, Raven Fyre won a pretty amazing prize package in the Green Grandma 2nd Anniversary celebration.

This past week, I received an email from her with a review of many of the products she received. I thought today would be a good day to pass on someone else's opinion of products from companies I love. 

Green Grandma Product Reviews

First, I have to say I was overwhelmed to win the anniversary prize package last year. Over the past few months my family and I have had a chance to use most of the products, so I wanted to share with you, the Green Grandma Community, my thoughts and opinions.

I obviously didn’t share this one! LOL. I have to say I was on the fence about buying one, as they are quite pricey here [in Canada]. That said, if that’s all that’s holding you back, go buy one immediately! I’d say, for me, after day 3 on my period, I got the hang of it and I love it. This is an amazing green product. I can’t rave about it enough! For a full review check what fellow Canadian, Wanda, had to say about it awhile back on this blog.

Ok, first I’m not a huge fan of strong scents, but I loved how the foaming body wash smelled on both my kids and myself. It has this warm orange, vanilla smell -- just amazing -- especially since I’m not a huge fan of smells or vanilla. The foaming wash also made the HUGE luxurious bubbles that both my kids loved. My kids really enjoyed playing with the bubbles. I carry the lotion in my diaper bag mostly for myself, but I feel confident using it knowing it’s safe for my kids as well. This really has healed my hands up quite a bit. I love the bag -- it’s handy and a great size for a quick trip out. I’m looking forward to having a bath by myself and using the bath blossoms. The bottom balm works amazingly well and again I’m happy that its safe. 

This, I have to say, convinced me to switch from an eco-friendly laundry soap from a box store to soap nuts. Not only was the Eco Nuts laundry soap convenient, but super concentrated. This tiny bottle did about a month's worth of clothes for four people. It only took a cap full (which was a tiny cap by the way). Like I said -- super concentrated! The cleaning power, even with two adults (one who works some days literally in dirt) and two kids, managed to get all of our laundry clean every time without any artificial scent.

Available through Leaf and Bud Naturals
Ok, I’m a huge fan of this company and the owners, Catriona and Al Faragalli. Not only will they work with you if you have allergies and find a great product for you, but you can rest easy knowing it's safe ... really safe. Sadly, I was allergic to a few of the ingredients in the eye cream, so I picked up some of my very favourite soap instead -- the Druide Pur and Pure soap. Not only is this soap mild and gentle for even the most sensitive skin, it’s also a great cleanser. I love this product.

I used the gift certificate from Petite Paintbrush to order an original art collage for my kids.  A meadow lark and a moonflower on a night sky with a moon -- it's quite breath taking and I urge you to go check out the Etsy listing for the prints.  Sadly, I’m not giving up the original. LOL!

Lisa Marie Bruno, the artisan behind ARTchaeology, is truly a unique artist.  I love my ring and wear it often.  Pairing history with jewelry -- it’s amazing.  Anytime I wear my ring, I get lots of compliments.  If you are looking for something unique I recommend Lisa Marie’s ARTchaeology! 

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this product as I haven’t had a chance to use it at all.  As soon as my significant other saw this was deodorant he decided it was his to use. That said, from what he’s told me, he loves it.  

Eat Cleaner
I adore these, especially for apples.  Who knew apples, of all things, were so filthy?!  It really does scare me to think that I used to just bite into an apple without cleaning it. YUCK!  These wipes are both handy and great at getting your fruit really clean.

The Green Salve is so handy, I keep one bottle in my diaper backpack and the other at home.  It’s both versatile and amazing for bumps, bruises, scrapes, and scratches.     

I want to thank everyone who congratulated me, and all the wonderful people who provided me with gifts that not only made my life easier, but greener as well.  I know its cheesy to say so, but a few of these products changed not only my life, but gave my family a better understanding of how going green can be really easy and money saving too.

Thank you again,

Raven Fyre

You often hear me extolling the virtues of these products. Well, now you have the opinion of a regular consumer ... a consumer who is now going to be living a greener and healthier life, thanks to the generous gifts of the above Green Grandma supporters.

Letting someone else review it for you,



  1. Thank you so much for including the review by Raven and adding a picture of the collage. I'm going right now to share on FB.

  2. You're most welcome, Jill. Thank you again for contributing to the anniversary prize package!

  3. It is wonderful of you to share your reviews with us! Thank you to Jill for sending me a link to your blog!


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