Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Remedies for the remedy -- Help when cancer strikes

Cancer's dragged our family through the ringer this year, taking the lives of my husband's brother and his first wife (the mother of my stepdaughters). Prostate cancer claimed the first and breast cancer the second. 

One of the saddest things about the death of my husband's first wife (who I loved dearly), was that she feared this for most of her life. Her grandmother died of breast cancer. Her aunt died of breast cancer. Then, when she was only 16, her own mother died of breast cancer. It was in her genes and she lived in the shadow of it. And then it happened. She fought a courageous battle, but on April 5, 2014, it won. And now, her two daughters, my stepdaughters, also live in the shadow of it. It's frightening. It's disconcerting. And it's real.

I'm not sure what I would do if I was faced with this diagnosis. My recent mammogram showed that I'm clear, for now. My own sister's mammogram revealed a small tumor several years ago. It was not detectable to the touch, so in her case, the mammogram saved her life. It was a normally aggressive cancer, but with immediate surgery and treatment, she beat it. 

If I had to seek treatment for cancer of any kind, I know that I would seek out homeopathic remedies, at least to help me weather the effects of chemo and/or radiation, if that was the path I chose. I've come to rely on and believe in homeopathy. That's why I chose to be an ambassador for Hyland's Homeopathic. I only promote what I'm personally behind. But this post isn't about a company I believe in. As a matter of fact, Hyland's has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to put this out there for those of you who are or who know someone suffering from the effects of cancer treatments. Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'll do my part -- not by participating in pinkwashing -- but by offering real help

Ir you or a loved one is going through cancer treatment, I wish I could take away the pain -- both emotional and physical. While there's not much I can do for you, I do believe homeopathy can help alleviate the symptoms of traditional cancer treatments and improve a cancer patient's quality of life. 

Here's the thing -- homeopathic remedies are FDA regulated and are often prescribed by forward-thinking, common sense doctors to use in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments. Consider using homeopathy because:

    • Medicines (known as remedies) are completely chemical free, meaning they are non-toxic and safe for the gentlest of systems, including newborns. 
    • Homeopathy is often used to complement traditional pain medicines, or on their own to treat severe pain, and has a history of assisting chronic pain patients.
    • Remedies are inexpensive. 
    • Remedies are FDA regulated and available over-the-counter. You can find them in natural food stores, many national chain pharmacies, or homeopathic pharmacies. 
    • Homeopathy should not be confused with herbal, Chinese, or other types of natural medicines.
Are you suffering or have you suffered from breast cancer or any other type of cancer? What are you doing or did you do to help ease the often-nasty symptoms of treatments?

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