Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A spilled cup of coffee

Note: In exchange for participating in the challenge and writing this post, I was given a gift package from Green is Universal. All opinions here are still my own.

It's an easy challenge... and an important one. I found there was little in the challenge I wasn't already doing, but One Small Act has spurred me on to keep at it and to remember the reasons why I do these things in the first place.

Do you want to know the number one reason why I care about doing things that are good for me and for the environment? I do it for my grandchildren. Let's face it. I probably won't be around to see the devastating effects of our carelessness and self-centered living. But my grandbabies will. And I don't want them to have to live with the consequences of my generation's, and yours, reckless behavior. So, when you start focusing on future generations, how can you not care what happens to this earth? 

Some people have actually said to me, "God created the earth and He can take care of it." What blatant disregard to God's instruction to Adam in the Garden of Eden found in Genesis 2:15. God told Adam to tend the garden, not destroy it. He gave the responsibility to mankind. I take that seriously.

That's why I love challenges like the Eco Eats Challenge! I think you will, too. So far, in the past few days, I've completed quite a few of the challenges, like ditching the paper towels and using rags instead. Just this morning, I knocked over a full cup of coffee, which spilled across the kitchen table and onto the floor, splashing nearly everywhere! What can I say? It's been that kind of day. I also tripped going up the steps and smashed my right hand against the wall. Ouch.

In past years, after a spill like that, I would have reached for the paper towels and used half a roll to clean up the mess. What a waste!! It makes me cringe to think of my blatant disregard for the environmental impact of that action. Today, however, I just reached under my sink for several absorbent rags and old towels. The mess was cleaned up and I felt good about having only wasted a good cup of coffee (fair trade, by the way) and not half a roll of paper towels.

It's the little things, folks. I keep saying it because I mean it. And that's what the One Small Act campaign is all about... the little things. Won't you join me? You'll be glad you did.

Are you interested in 'eco-eating'? NBC's Green is Universal is hosting an "Eco Eats" sweepstakes from September 29 - October 17. To join, visit their free green-living tool, One Small Act, and join the "Eco Eats" challenge. Everyone who signs up and tackles at least one action by October 17th will be entered to win one of five 6-month subscriptions to NatureBox. No Purchase Necessary. Must be US resident and 18+. Read official rules here.

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