Monday, October 13, 2014

It's all about the experience

Experiences. Aren't they really what life is all about? While I do remember some pretty cool gifts I received when I was a kid, my fondest and strongest memories revolve around experiences instead.

When I started thinking about my granddaughter's upcoming birthday, I just did not want to add to her accumulation of stuff. So I asked her if she'd rather go and do something together for her birthday. Her answer was an enthusiastic yes. When asked where she'd like to go, she did not hesitate. "Chuck E. Cheese's." 

So, yesterday afternoon, my husband and I surprised her with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's where we ate and played for the afternoon. It was so much fun and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

On her actual birthday this week, we'll get together again and have cake and a few presents. But again, I thought this out and decided clothing would be a better option for this growing child. So, I did what I do best, I shopped for secondhand clothes and, for $50.50, I ended up with 4 complete outfits (pants and shirt, sweater, or hoodie) and 2 additional shirts. Not bad. I'll wash them, put them in a recycled gift bag, and give them to her on her birthday.

This is one birthday I'm feeling really good about.

What do you do to avoid adding to the mounds of stuff your kids (or other people's kids) have?


  1. One year for Christmas we surprised my neice with a trip out of town. When she was younger, my oldest neice loved American Girl books and Dolls so me, my mom and sister packed up the car on the sly, and told my neice we were having a "girl's trip to the mall". We started driving and then told her we were taking her to the American Girl's store in Dallas (about a 4 hour drive from us). She was so shocked and excited! We all shared cost for gas and hotel for the night so it made for a memorable trip for all us

    1. I'm sure it will be something she'll always remember and treasure.


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