Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review It Wednesday -- another Norwex moment

Last evening, I had a Norwex party in my home. I've not been at all shy about my love for Norwex! I love, love, love Norwex. If I was a sales-type person, I would be a Norwex consultant. No question about it. Those of you who know me well, have undoubtedly heard me talk about Norwex products. I've posted a few reviews here on the blog, as well.

Before the party began, I learned I had been doing something incorrectly for the past several months. Oops. It has to do with the Body Cloths, which I use and reviewed a few months ago. The problem is, I use a Body Cloth to wash my face every day ... you're only supposed to use them twice a week. No wonder my face has dried out a bit.

Fortunately, there is a Norwex alternative!! Early into using the Body Cloth, I noticed an increased sensitivity to the area around my eyes. So I bought the Norwex Makeup Remover Cloths and have been luxuriating in the amazingly soft feel of them! So, it looks like I already have a solution to my problem. While I have simply been washing my eye makeup off with the suede antibac cloths and then washing the rest of my face with the exfoliating Body Cloth, I can simply wash my entire face with the Makeup Remover Cloths and leave the exfoliating to just two times a week. Problem solved.

And I'm still head-over-heels in love with Norwex.

The 8" x 8" Makeup Remover Cloths are infused with silver (with its amazing antibacterial properties), just like the Body Cloths. They are super soft and remove even the toughest waterproof mascara! So, if you've been using the disposable makeup removing pads, here is an alternative that is not only better for the environment (for obvious reasons, and some not-so-obvious ones), but is much better for your skin, as well. Plus, in the long run, it will save you money. The cloths come in a pack of three and sell for $19.99. If you order online from Sherri, the Cleaning Queen, there are no shipping charges!

As a reminder to you, I am not a consultant for Norwex. Nor do I receive anything from them, or from Sherri, for posting this. Sherri is the one who introduced me to the Norwex Enviro Cloth and Window Polishing Cloth, when she sent them to me to review back in May. Since then, I have purchased every other Norwex product I have, including the Body Cloths and the Makeup Removing Cloths! So when I write what may sound like a sales pitch, it's simply because I love the products that much!

However, if you are in the Pittsburgh area and want to have a party, or are interested in any of the products, I am closing out my party order on the 11th, so you can contact me and I can take care of it for you.

Wishing you a fabulous day filled with love, joy, and as few toxins as possible,



  1. I know the feeling. I am not a consultant either, but I would be if I had a salesperson living inside me. I just love Norwex so much, the enthusiasm oozes out of me! I'm so glad you're enjoying new products! Have you used the Cleaning Paste? We use it with a micro-fiber cloth on porcelain bathtubs and they are so shiny and smooth when we're done with them! Cleaning Paste also works really well on stove tops and as an oven cleaner. (The Oven and Grill Cleaner takes much less time, but the Cleaning Paste does a more thorough job if spotless is your goal.)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely order some Cleaning Paste ... I feel a review is coming on ...

  3. I'm bummed, because I got a makeup remover cloth for Christmas (at my request - my mom recently started selling Norwex), and I really don't like it. I have to really rub to get my eye makeup off, and then I feel like I'm cleaning my eyes with fine-grit sandpaper. :( LOVE the Envirocloths, though!

    1. Wow, Rachel. I'm sorry to hear that. I love my makeup remover cloths. Have you returned them? Norwex has an excellent return policy.

    2. I use the Baby cloth on my face-- I feel it gives a gentler exfoliation, and yet is soooo soft!


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