Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's 3Rs ... Recycling Children

Steve Jobs   Photo by Acaben
In light of the death of Steve Jobs, who was given up for adoption as an infant, I thought I'd repost this article from September 2009. You'll notice some of the "news" is outdated, but the concept of adoption is not.

Thank God, Steve's mom chose life and bravely gave her son to someone else who raised a young man of character, integrity and vision. Where would the world be if Steve Jobs had just been an abortion statistic? How many other Steve Jobs's out there are becoming just that as I write, or you read, this post? The world has lost so many heros before they even were allowed to breathe their first breaths.

Mourning the death of Steve Jobs, and the millions of unborn treasures we never got to know.

Recycling Children: Adoption as an Option

Reality TV news this week is all about the Duggers, who are expecting their 19th child. That’s right, folks, 19th! At least this announcement gives the Gosslins a break…and all the rest of us who are tired of hearing of the trials and tribulations of Jon and Kate (God bless their eight!).

So, is anyone else out there disturbed by this news? What are they thinking? While I would completely oppose aborting this child, I would not oppose doing something to stop this recurring condition. Perhaps, if nothing else works, they should take a break from each other. Maybe spring for twin beds, unattractive flannel pajamas and garlic pills ... lots of garlic pills. I can’t help thinking that 18 children would put a damper on bedroom recreation and private time, but where there’s a will it’s apparent there’s a way!

Now for all of you tired moms of babies and toddlers out there, can you imagine??
I have a suggestion for the Duggers family. Since it’s obvious they have a love of children and are willing to open their home to more…and more…and more, perhaps they should consider recycling. Recycling children.

There are countless children worldwide waiting for a loving home. They’re waiting to be “recycled.” For whatever reason, their birthparents are not raising them. Some are in foster care. Some in orphanages. Some are still in the womb. While there are not nearly as many newborns available in the U.S. as there were half a century ago, there are many, many children available; children who are praying for someone to love them. Wouldn’t this be a better option, perhaps, for the Duggers and families like theirs?

Maybe it’s an option for you. If, for some reason you’re unable to have a baby in the conventional way, you can still have a child “of your own.” Adoption doesn’t negate that … it validates it. Ask any adoptive parent out there. Is there less love for an adopted child than there is for a birth child? Not a chance. Our hearts grow with each child whether they grew in our own wombs (or wife’s wombs) or not. Does Octomom love her little ones more than Brad and Angie love their first children?

Recycling, folks. That’s what it’s all about. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having things or children that are brand-spanking-new. But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying things or people that are just new-to-you either.

And a side note to anyone out there who is adopted … your momma loved you. A whole lot. Take my word for it.

Adoption is just an option and this is, as always, just my opinion.

Keeping it green,


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