Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sabbath Experiment/Experience -- Week 52!

Well, look at that -- it's been one full year since I started the Sabbath Experiment! That simply amazes me. It just doesn't seem possible. How do these years fly by so fast?! Of course, my counting was off way back in November, when I listed two separate weeks as "Week 8" and neither of them were that! They were actually Weeks 9 and 10, which subsequently threw the entire numeric sequence off! But I looked back and discovered I started the Experiment on the last weekend of September, which means this past weekend was week 52.

So, what have I learned? More than I could ever imagine! The Sabbath Experiment changed my life in so many ways ... all for the better!

  • It made me mindful of purposeful rest. God gave it a purpose and I finally am benefiting from it.
  • It gave me permission to rest. I no longer feel guilty taking a day off.
  • It made the 6 other days of the week more productive. Seriously. My work picked up and I met more deadlines.
  • It opened up the door for playtime. My husband and I, along with friends and family from time to time, simply play more.
  • It made me more peaceful. The 'hurry' demons inside me are silenced on the Sabbath ... well, except for when I'm running late for church! At least the afternoons are more relaxed when I'm not trying to hurry through lunch so I can get home to work.
  • I learned to be more pliant. For the most part, my Sabbath days are open to whatever comes up.
  • It made me more partial. Sunday is now my favorite day!
Wow. I didn't intend on a 'P' list, but once I got started ...

The main benefit to evolve from The Sabbath Experiment was a greatly improved marriage. Seriously. Bill and I agree that it changed our marriage ... for the better. Having a day each week to focus on each other, which is what it often tends to be, simply transformed our relationship. And that would be my prescription for any marriage, especially if you're struggling. Set aside a Sabbath day each week that you can both agree upon. It doesn't have to be on a Sunday; we've chosen Saturdays for our Sabbath at least once every 7 or 8 weeks. God created us to need this day where we forsake work in lieu of rest and play. How much better are we as spouses, parents, workers, friends, etc., when we are refreshed?

I challenge you ... urge you ... to start a Sabbath Experiment of your own. Let it transform your life as well.

Wishing you some rest and play,


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