Friday, September 23, 2011

I see Paris, I see France, I see lots of underpants

Bras for a Cause

Friday's 3Rs is a little different this week. It's all about underwear.
What?! You're not going to tell us we now have to reuse or repurpose our underwear, are you? Because we certainly can't recycle it!

Relax, what I'm about to tell you makes perfect sense. Really, it does. But let me ask you a question. What do you do with your underpants when they've seen their last days embracing your derriere? Or the miracle lifting power of your bra is in need of a supernatural intervention? Hmm?

You probably do exactly what I've been doing for over 50 years ... throwing them away. But that's not necessarily what I'll be doing from now on.

Okay, what are the options?

According to an article on the Earth 911 website, here they are:
  1. Compost them. Yep, that's what they tell you. This is a good option if your skivvies are made out of natural fabrics (I'm thinking cotton, hemp or wool). Wash them in an organic detergent (or soap nuts) and toss them in the pile with your banana peels!
  2. Stuff 'em in a kitchen drawer. What?! Well, if you cut the elastic band off your undies, you'll find it works perfectly at gripping jar lids for easy opening! Or cut up a pair of old pantyhose to use as strainers, loose tea bags, etc. Be creative ... and, of course, wash them first!
  3. Transform them. Into what? How about an evening bag? I know, it's a far-fetched idea, but check out this link to How to Reuse it Creatively. The craft she demonstrates here is with an old bikini top, but there's nothing stopping you from using your favorite, pre-pregnancy, way-too-small, sexy lace bra for a similar project. Just think of what a conversation-starter it could be!
  4. Donate them. We're talking bras again here. I'm just not a fan of donating used underpants. If you have any gently-used bras you can no longer wear or you found in a deceased relative's lingerie chest, send them to Bras for a Cause if you're in the US or Bra Appeal if you are in the UK. Both organizations use the bras to help women dealing with breast cancer.
So, there you go. Intimate little details on this week's Friday's 3Rs. Hope you found something helpful.

Keeping it out of the landfill,


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