Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's a matter of attitude

I'm concerned about our kids. Why? I'm sure you can come up with dozens of really good answers to that question. But perhaps you won't hit on my concern today.

I'm concerned about their lack of gratitude. And before you jump on the bandwagon and agree with me about the ungrateful bunch of young people out there, stop for a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I ever complained bitterly about the government or president in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever torn down the local police department in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever griped about my job in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever torn down my spouse in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever criticized my minister/the sermon/the worship service/the Sunday School teachers/other congregation members in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever moaned about having to help a neighbor or elderly relative in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I did not like a present I received in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever made fun of anyone in front of my kids?
  • Have I ever excused foul language or a rotten attitude and blamed it on the day I've had in front of my kids?
Most likely, we've all been guilty of one or two of the above offenses. But if you're reading the above list and nodding your head to every one of them, or nearly every one of them, it's time for a reality check! Are your kids appreciative when they receive a present from Aunt Mary? Do they respect authority, including the President of the United States, or the leader of your country? Are they kind to other children who may be a bit different? Do they enjoy going to church? Are your teens enthusiastic about their jobs (even if they are flipping hamburgers at a fast food joint)?

No? Well then maybe, you just might want to look at the example you have set for them.

What good is it if you raise eco-conscious kids who have no respect for the institution of marriage, law enforcement, clergy members, teachers, bosses, peers, etc.?

We're raising a generation of kids who care for the earth, but not for life. And that, my friends, is very, very sad.

But it's not too late to turn things around! Starting with, you guessed it, you and me.

So, as September dawns, let me challenge you to 30 days of gratitude. Focus on it. Shift your attitude. Watch your language. Pray for, dare I say it, your boss, your country's leaders, your ex, your annoying neighbor, your needy in-laws ... Be grateful. Look around you at all that is good in your life and ... rejoice.

Start small. Today, I want you to focus on one thing you are thankful for. Just one. Tomorrow, find two more things. Saturday, three more. By the end of the month, you will have a bouquet of gratitude. Cultivate it. Cherish it. See how it changes your life ... and then watch what effect it has on your children.

If you feel led, post the things you're thankful for on your Facebook page, or on the GG wall. Post it here in the comments. But remember. For this experiment, you want to start with just one thing. Just one. Then two. Then three. On the last day of the month, you will have 30 things on your list for that day.

It's all about attitude, folks. An attitude of gratitude.

So, today, I'll start. I am thankful for you.

Looking forward to a magnificent month,


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