Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review it Wednesday ... and another giveaway!

Welcome back to a new Review it Wednesday! Today, I'm happy to share my daughters' experiences with 2 products Mama Sweet sent to me from Sweet Knee.

Sweet Knee is a mom and pop company founded by Kristy Platt after her son developed a severe skin rash that did not respond to traditional diaper creams. After much reading, research and experimentation, Bun Glaze was born. And my daughter, Bethany, for one, is glad about that!

My grandbaby, Lincoln, just turned one a couple of weeks ago. And, after a year of a pretty clear, smooth bottom, suddenly, his bum erupted in a rather nasty rash. Perhaps it can be blamed on the teething. Or an allergy to a new food. What we know for certain, is that you can't blame the diapers. He's spent his life, so far, in cloth diapers washed in either Rockin' Green or Eco Nuts ... and, of course, no fabric softener. It's not the diapers.

While trying to find the cause was certainly on her mind, finding something to soothe the rash was the priority. And then she remembered the Bun Glaze I'd given her to review. Presto!

Here's what Bethany had to say:

Sweet Knee Bun Glaze is an alternative to diaper ointment and medicated ointments. I love that it has certified organic ingredients and is cloth diaper safe. I love that it does not contain petroleum, zinc or titanium-based ingredients that act as "barriers" and keep skin from breathing and healing quickly. Bun Glaze absorbs easily into the skin and contains natural vitamins A, D and E and the unique "skin" herbs and flowers of calendula, German chamomile, marshmallow and plantain. I love that there are no tubs, jars or tubes so there is no messy, germy double dipping! I also love that it's made in the USA!! I love that a little bit goes a long way, and if I do use too much I can rub it in on his feet or anywhere else! With this recent flare-up, I reached for the Bun Glaze and within a few days, the rash was gone! 

Healing comes naturally! And, as you can tell, Bethany loves Sweet Knees Bun Glaze. This is yet another product sent to us with a request for a review, that gets a green thumbs up!

The second product I received from Kristy was the Oatmeal Cookie Bath, which I gave to my daughter, Jessica, to try with her nearly 3-year-old daughter, Laura.

Cute packaging, but is seriously lacking something -- instructions! Laura had a rash on her belly and back so Jess decided it was the perfect opportunity to try out the Oatmeal Cookie Bath. She opened the box and pulled out two cloth sacks, filled with oatmeal and the other ingredients. Then she called me.

"What do I do with this?" she asked.
"What do you mean?" I countered.
"Do I open the sacks and dump the oatmeal in the water?"
"Aren't there instructions?"
"It just says 'add to bath.'"

Confusing. Of course, I told her to just submerge the whole bag. But then there was the issue of what to do with the bag when the bath was through. Is it reusable? She didn't know. So, she threw it away. Quite honestly, I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do or not. I would have just composted it, I guess. After hearing from Kristy, I found out the bags can be washed and repurposed (we should have thought of that!).

The bath was soothing for Laura, as the oatmeal made the water smooth and comforting.

Quite honestly, I have mixed feelings about this product, although some of my negative feelings could be changed with the addition of instructions for those of us not familiar with this type of product. And let's face it -- a lot of new mamas already feel overwhelmed with the need to learn more and more every day. Let's make it simpler for them!

Here's what I like about the Sweet Knees Oatmeal Cookie Bath. It is certified gluten free with organic oats. It's safe for both babies and mamas. It is soothing for a variety of skin conditions, including sunburns, minor burns, scrapes and cuts, eczema, chicken pox, poison ivy/oak and just the plain ol' itchies.

And, of course, it's toxin-free! It contains 4 simple ingredients: oats, calendula flower, German chamomile and marshmallow leaf. It's safe and it's effective at easing the itch.

As sweet as she is, Kristy is offering a 20% discount to everyone in the GG community through 9/30/11. Simply go to the website, shop around and when you go to check out, enter the phrase 'SweetGrandma'.

Oh, and I mentioned 'giveaway' in the title, didn't I? Well, that's icing on the 20% discount cake! Mama Sweet is offering a $10 gift certificate to one lucky reader and she's not asking anything in return. But I am, just to be fair.

Go to the Sweet Knee website, browse through her products, and post a comment here or on Facebook, letting me know what you like best. And, make sure you check out the Sweet Knee Facebook page as well. You just might 'like' it : )  Tell her I sent you, if you do.

That's it. Contest ends at midnight EST on Monday, 9/12/11. I'll draw a winner via on Tuesday, 9/13.

Keep it sweet and clean,



  1. The Bun Glaze looks great and easy to use. I just started cloth diapering and am always on the look-out for cloth diaper safe products! Thanks for the giveaway, Green Grandma!


  2. I really like the bun glaze as well as the 'snooze' oil! I definitely would be interested in trying them :)

    Maybe Lincoln got a little heated from running so much now! He was cruising pretty fast today !

    Thanks for the give away!

  3. i would love to try the bubbly soap!!

    hancoci_s at msn dot com


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