Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review It Wednesday -- I think I'll have a spot of tea

Like I said on Monday, I wasn't feeling too well this week. Not fun. But let me tell you what helped a bit.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Morning Wellness Tea. Really.

Here's the problem, I find, with some of the Earth Mama Angel Baby products. People think they're just for pregnant or nursing women or babies. But that is so untrue!

Let me tell you, if this grandma can experience some comfort from a cup of Morning Wellness Tea, well then, so can you. And if you're preggo and a bit nauseous from time to time, you need this tea in your cupboard. Really.

Here's what makes it so effective (and I'm quoting directly from the box here):

This settling brew blends Ginger Root with spearmint, a hint of peppermint, and stomach-soothing chamomile and lemon balm with just a twist of orange peel for flavor.

The result of this fusion? Sheer deliciousness! And a settled tummy. Really. All these wonderful ingredients are certified organic and are safe for the whole family, pregnant or not!

Yes, this is a rather short review. But there's not much more to say about this Organic Herbal Tea for Queasy Tummies (I stole that off the box, too!) It's simply a wonderfully delicious way to chase away the queasiness that threatens to take even the hardiest of us down on occasion.

You need this tea in your cupboard. Really. You do.

Reviewing it for you,


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