Friday, August 13, 2010

Vinegar Fridays


Another week has flown by so quickly. So, did any of you try out Martha's facial mask? I'd love to hear your personal testimonials!

Today we're going to continue on in our quest to look lovelier than ever, thanks to our old friend, Vinegar.

Part Two: Head to toe tips

Haircare is getting more and more complicated these days with all of the toxic chemicals being added to our shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Maybe it's time we went back to using natural products right out of our kitchen cabinets. For example, remember the 3 week facial astringents I mentioned last week? Well, you can make a hair rinse following the same procedure. Grab a dark glass jar and fill it with a pint of white wine vinegar (note: this is different than distilled white vinegar), 1 cup orange peel and 1/2 cup orange leaves. Seal tightly and place on a sunny window sill for 3 weeks. Make sure to shake the jar daily. Strain and pour over your hair after shampooing.

Hair expert, Karen M. Shelton of has stated that cider vinegar is proven to rehydrate hair that is structurally weak, dry, or unmanageable, as well as strengthen hair that has been chemically treated by restoring the natural pH balance. So you can count on your hair looking and feeling healthier when you use ACV (2 tablespoons to 2 cups warm water) as a final rinse. This will strip away all the residue left on your hair by whatever shampoo you are using. ACV is especially beneficial to brunettes, while distilled white vinegar can be used for blondes.

Moving down from the top of the head to the armpits -- our next vinegar tip involves body odor and perspiration. Frightened about all the harmful toxins in commercial deodorants and the high price tag of the natural ones? Don't sweat it! Distilled white vinegar is the answer. Just apply to each armpit after showering and voila, no more embarrassing odor! Who knew?!

From the armpit, let's move down the arm to the fingertips -- to the nails to be exact. All you have to do is apply some vinegar on your nails before you apply your nail polish. It will not only go only more smoothly, but it will also last longer!

Okay, now bend over and touch your feet. Feeling a bit dry and cracked? Not a problem, as long as you have some apple cider vinegar handy. Just fill a foot bath (a dishpan will do) with some warm water and pour in 1 cup of the ACV. Soak for five minutes or longer. You'll be amazed at the results! And if you're as big a fan of foot massages as I am, chances are good your significant other will actually be eager to touch your buttery soft tootsies!

I'm going to prepare a soak now. Enjoy your weekend.

Keeping you beautiful with vinegar,


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