Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the blink of an eye

I received an upsetting phone call around 4:00 on Wednesday. A friend of mine was about to go into surgery after suffering a massive heart attack.

Sharon is a diabetic who lost her vision to diabetic retinopathy in her early 40's. Now she's facing life with a heart pump, slightly too large for her small frame, and a battery pack. Of course, the next few days will be touch and go for Sharon and she probably will be out of it for at least a week.

I spent the late afternoon and early evening pacing a lot, followed by wretched sobs that eventually forced me to my knees crying out to the God who specializes in healing and miracles. What more could I do?

The waiting game was uncomfortable at best. When I received the second call at 9:13 I breathed a bit easier, knowing my friend made it through surgery. Thank you, Lord.

Life. It's so fragile. As I've said before, it can be snatched away in the blink of an eye.

Sharon and I spent time together with 20 others on Monday night at the writers' group I lead, and then later at TGIFridays, enjoying drinks, food and invigorating conversations. She was animated, happy and full of life. Tuesday morning, her sugar levels crashed and the paramedics had to make a quick trip to her home. That night she was in the hospital with a massive heart attack -- her life forever changed. Appointments will be missed. Obligations not fulfilled. Life, as the rest of us know it, will go on as Sharon's body recovers in a hospital bed.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because tomorrow this could be my story...or yours. In the blink of an eye, your child could be struck down by a car, your husband killed in a fire. An aneurysm could claim the life of your brother, a stroke your mother. Or you could be crossing the room and get bowled over by a heart attack of your own.

It happens. Every day. Say your 'I love you's, give your biggest hugs, make your phone calls, write your love letters, work toward your dreams.

Your life can change in the blink of an eye. Mine did. Sharon's did. While I'd never advise you to worry about it, I am asking you to think about it and act accordingly.

There's really no point in living greener or healthier lives if there's no greater purpose to them. So if you're wondering whether or not this post belongs on the Green Grandma blog, it does, because my overall purpose is to help you live better lives.

Sharing my heart,



  1. Thank you so much for alerting us to Sharon's condition. She wrote to me Monday evening telling me of going to her writing group and stopping at TGIF. I had wondered when I'd not rec'd word since then.

    And you're so right about everything changing in the blink of an eye. We have a young woman in our church high on our prayer list. Her two teenage sons were involved in a head-on collision. Their friend died at the scene, her older son was driving and is now making good progress, but the younger son is hanging onto life barely, his brain swelling still at a critical stage.

    So fast, so quickly, lives forever changed.

    We should always remain sober and vigilant, enjoy our loved ones, our life, because life is fleeting. Like the glory of a flower it only blooms for a short while.

    Thank you again for making us aware of Sharon's condition.

  2. What a true and heartfelt post. Sharon is a beloved member of our RAMP group. We are praying, sending positive thoughts, and healing energies depending on our personal beliefs. But everyone is sending love. Thank you for letting us know and we hope you will keep us informed as you hear news as we are truly concerned.

  3. Hana, everything you've said is so true! Life is here today, but it can be gone tomorrow. It is a gift and what we do on this earth with the time we have can be a testament to who we are.

    So thankful for the updates and for your personal insights as well.


  4. Hana, please let us know the minute you learn any news. We have a post going at her blog for folks to stop by and leave well wishes. :)

  5. I'm at a loss to say how sorry I am for what Sharon is going through. Nobody deserves this in my estimation, least of all such a good woman, who has always been kind and nice to me in the group. I can't help it; it makes me angry at God sometimes when this happens. I know it shouldn't but it does. Even so, I pray, and I will pray for Sharon.

    Please let Sharon know how sorry I am, how much I hope she gets well, and please let her know my thoughts are with her. As for you, I can imagine how you must feel, the helplessness. Still, you are doing what you can, helping us all know what's happening, and being very kind to Sharon. It's all anyone can do.

    You take care, too, and get some rest. It's easier to handle things when you've had a little sleep. And Sharon needs you at your best right now, so don't neglect your own health.

    My heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery for Sharon, and that God may help you in your trials,


    Rob Shelsky

  6. Hana, I love all of your postings on your blog, you are truly inspirational. I love the poem to your husband. I agree that we need to tell people we love them everyday and to hug them. Thanks for your insights. Patty Gunnett


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