Friday, August 20, 2010

A special Vinegar Friday


I'm especially excited about today's Vinegar Fridays' post and most of you know's Green Grandma's very first blogiversary!! One year ago today I gave birth to this blog with my very first post. Since then, we've covered a lot of ground. While some similar blogs stick to single topics, such as cloth diapers, safer chemicals, breastfeeding, etc., I chose to broaden my topic base. Sometimes I focus on pregnancy and infant care, sometimes on natural and safer cleaning and household products, sometimes on healthier living, and occasionally I share a bit of my heart. I've been challenged by some with the question, "What does this have to do with being a green grandma," and I've tried answering them as tactfully as possible. So for any of you who have asked a similar question after reading one of my, or my guest bloggers' posts, here's the explanation.

Let me break it down for you:

Green -- I care about the incredible creation God has entrusted to us, His children. While I am not a part of any huge environmental activist groups, I am doing what I can to encourage others to make common sense choices in their daily lives that will be beneficial to the environment.

Grandma -- Aha! Here's where the broader spectrum of my blog comes in. As a grandma, I care about more than just the environment. I care about products that can harm children (and adults, as well). I care about marriages, about emotional issues, about health...the list goes on and on and so do the topics I cover. My goal is to touch your lives in some way with each posting. If I have made you laugh, cry, get angry, toss something in the recycling bin instead of the trash, choose organic and natural products, start using cloth diapers, or tell someone you love them, I have achieved my purpose. Oh, and if you've reached for the vinegar instead of the Windex, that's an added bonus! Which brings us to today.

Even though today is about much more than vinegar, I can't let it pass without saying something about it. For those of you who are new to the GG community, Vinegar Fridays is a tradition here. Every Friday we talk vinegar. So feel free to peruse the site for tips on how vinegar can be used in a variety of ways, from cleaning to improving your health.

No new tips today. Just a short rundown of how I used vinegar this morning. I started off taking my one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Yum. Then I hopped in the shower with my jar filled with warm water and two tablespoons of the ACV, which I poured over my hair as a final rinse. After drying off with the softest towels we've ever had, thanks to replacing fabric softener with distilled white vinegar, I poured some DWV on a washcloth and rubbed it under my arms. Let me tell you, using vinegar as a deodorant really works! I've been using it this way for a couple of weeks now, and while other deodorants have failed me, the vinegar has not. Even my husband is now sold on it. It is not an antiperspirant, however, but perspiring is a natural function of the body that perhaps should not be avoided. Finally, to complete my morning ritual, I applied the white vinegar to my face as a natural astringent/moisturizer. My Vinegar Friday started off beautifully.

And now, on to the blogiversary giveaway! It's a good one and I'm so grateful to all the companies and individuals who are participating.

Here's how it will work. To enter the contest, you must first be a follower of the blog and a "liker" of GG on Facebook. Next, you need to click on each link below and check out the products at each website. Then post a comment either here on the blog, or on the GG Facebook page, listing a favorite item from each site. I've numbered them, so you can just put the number of the site followed by the product.

Additional entries will be given each time you retweet the contest on Twitter (@TheGreenGrandma).

Here is the list of items in the prize package, which will be awarded to one lucky winner from the United States or Canada (chosen via

1. Angel Baby Kit from Earth Mama Angel Baby.

2. Signed Peacock Print from Petite Paintbrush.

3. Lemongrass Soap (3.5 oz.) and Vanilla Lavender Body Oil (2 oz.) from As I Am Naturals.

4. Organic cotton onesie (0-6 mos.) and Bamboo pants (0-3 mos.) from Green Baby Clothing Company.

5. 100% Pure Lipgloss from Leaf & Bud Naturals.

6. Bubble Bar and 5 Bath Bombs from Lush, located in South Hills Village in Pittsburgh, PA.

Is this an awesome prize package or what? I'll tell you more about each of the prizes throughout the week. Thank you again to all of you who chose to help me celebrate this way. You are all going to help make someone in the GG community very happy!

Winner will be announced on Thursday, August 26th! Good luck and enjoy your visits to all of these amazing sites!

Celebrating with you,



  1. 2) Art for children, original lion painting

  2. It was fun "shopping"!!!

    1. Natural Stretch Oil- the best stuff ever!!
    2. Sammy the Squirrel
    3. Bug Spray
    4. Brown Safari Reusable snack bag
    5. Suncoat Frech Manicure Kit
    6. Ginger Perfume

  3. 1. Angel Baby Bottom Balm
    krishackney at suddenlink dot net

  4. 2. I like the Peacock, too. I also like the flamingos.
    krishackney at suddenlink dot net

  5. 3. Peppermint soap!
    krishackney at suddenlink dot net

  6. 4. Handmade Damask toddler dress
    krishackney at suddenlink dot net

  7. 5. 100% Pure Mascara, Black Tea
    krishackney at suddenlink dot net

  8. 6. Coolaulin Conditioner
    krishackney at suddenlink dot net

  9. My goodness! How lovely. Only wish I had found your website earlier. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway, and I take ACV every day too, but haven't washed r used white vinegar as deodorant, I will try this! I follow your blog and am a Facebook liker (Amber H)

    1. Ooh I like the Organic Milkmaid Tea!
    2. Original Elephant Painting, so sweet.
    3. Chocolate Chipstack Lip Balm, cute name!
    4. I am your Sunshine Onesie, adorable.
    5. Suncoat Lip Gloss in Vibrant Violet!
    6. Butterball bath bomb!

    Thank you!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  10. I tweeted the giveaway on Twitter also:

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  11. Thanks for the tweet, Amber! And welcome to the community :)

  12. Thank you! Hope the tweets help, would love to help spread the Green Grandma word! I tweeted again today:

  13. One more message! I retweeted your last giveaway message:


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