Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another anniversary

I love anniversary celebrations! Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated 19 amazing years together. Tomorrow, this blog will celebrate its very first anniversary.

A whole year has gone by since my first post. Wow. That's hard for me to believe. In that year I've learned more about environmental issues, chemicals, healthy parenting, cloth diapering, vinegar, etc. than I ever thought possible. I've tried passing on this information to all of you along the way.

The idea for this blog sprouted from a seed planted by my cousin, Kelly. I nurtured it and protected until one day, while I was hanging cloth diapers on the clothesline, it burst forth from the soil of uncertainty and let me know it wasn't a maybe, it was a have to be. My friend, Heather Desuta, provided me with the wonderful logo you'll all come to associate with Green Grandma. I highly recommend her work, if you find yourself in need of a graphic designer.

Highlights of the year include the emails and messages I got from you telling me about the changes you've made in your life because of something I wrote. That humbles and amazes me. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me. And people now come to me for advice, which floors me. Sometimes I can answer their questions, and sometimes I can't, but I always try.

And I love when you send me links to articles you think may interest me. Thank you Sue, Lisa, Kelly, Jessica, Bethany and Becky. Or when you post a link to the blog on your Facebook page. That's the highest form of compliment for me.

I've also enjoyed the friendships I've made with some of you because you were drawn to what this Green Grandma had to say. Thank you for enriching my life with yours.

Guest bloggers have added color to the blog, as I love posts that highlight someone elses's opinions and expertise. Thank you Abby, Danielle, Joy, Michelle, Patty and Heather. You've made GG a much more interesting community.

Mostly, I appreciate those of you who have stuck with me, whether you agreed with everything I said, or not. After all, communities are made up of people with varying opinions, religious beliefs, political leanings, parenting styles, etc. Why should our GG community be any different?

So, in order to celebrate all of YOU, I'm hosting an awesome giveaway tomorrow. You'll have to check back then for all of the details, but let me tell you, this is one you won't want to miss!

Thank you for making this an amazing year for me. You are the reason for this blog and  I treasure you.

Keeping it green and healthy,


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  1. Hey! I was just catching up with some past posts and saw this one mentioning me! Congratulations on your one-year mark, and you're welcome :-)


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