Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The prize package just keeps getting better!

I enjoy networking. Meeting people who share a common purpose is invigorating and motivating. That's how I felt a couple of weeks ago when I attended a local green festival. The best part was meeting new people and talking about their products.

Some of the people I met that day decided to join in the celebration of the blog's 1st anniversary by donating products. How fun is that?

When I met with the lovely ladies at the LUSH Cosmetics booth, I expressed my enthusiasm over the shampoo bar my daughter bought for me from them back in May. I LOVE this shampoo bar!! It lasts forever, rinses so clean and makes my hair feel really healthy. Plus, because it's a bar, there's no plastic bottle needed. Wonderful!

And then there are the bath bombs! As an avid hot bath fan, I can't tell you how much I enjoy these. But, if you enter the giveaway and win, you can experience them for yourself!

LUSH Cosmetics creates their amazing products by using organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. Everything is made fresh by hand with little or no preservatives or packaging. Safe for you and safe for the environment. That's why I love LUSH!

A special thank you to the ladies from the local LUSH Cosmetics retail outlet, located at Macy's in South Hills Village in Pittsburgh, who donated bath bombs and a bubble bar for the giveaway!

While at the festival, I was introduced to a company I hadn't heard of before: As I Am Naturals, another company dedicated to 100% natural skin care. Alyssa Sineni Truckenbrod graciously donated two of her products. Here is her description of these two wonderful additions to the prize package:

Handmade, luxurious and all natural, we craft our soaps with emollient oils which are gentle and moisturizing to your skin, essential oils for the body, mind and spirit, and sometimes a little secret spice to exfoliate with. Enjoy this bar of Lemongrass Soap with it's fresh, exotic scent of lemon and poppy seeds to exfoliate with.

Vanilla Lavender Body Oil - treat yourself to the sensual blend of Madagascar Vanilla and French Lavender in this nourishing body oil. Use after the shower as a moisturizer or as a massage oil. It's also wonderful to use before bedtime for sweet dreams that smell good too!

The 3.5 oz. bar of soap is valued at $5 and the 2 oz. body oil sells for $12.50.

Thanks for helping me celebrate, Alyssa!

I'm looking forward to meeting more local people who are focused on safe and natural products. Life as the Green Grandma just keeps getting better and better!

Keeping it natural,


Check out Monday's post for instructions on how to enter!


  1. I really want to win those bath balls!!!

  2. This is a really cool package you've put together. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Thanks! Good luck...and don't forget to spread the news.

  4. Ooh which Shampoo bar have you tried? I tried New, and I love it, it's a cinnamon scented bar that that helps to stimulate circulation and hair growth. I have a underactive thyroid, so sadly my hair has thinned a bit over the past few years, it used to be really thick, so I'm very picky about the products that I put on my body including my hair! New shampoo bar from Lush has been awesome so far though! I'd still love to find a shampoo alternative without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate though.

  5. I use the Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo Bar. It's amazing. Would love to try some of the others. I'll have to get the New! for my husband.


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