Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Make it stop!

My hair is falling out. I'm not talking alopecia or anything like that, but there's enough hair loss to bother me. I look at my brush, with my hair intertwined amidst the bristles and quietly scream, "Make it stop!"

So, I did some research and this is what I found out:

Scalp massage is a good way to boost hair follicles into kicking it up a notch on supplying the nutrients your hair needs to grow. By moving your fingertips with slight pressure in a circular motion for a few minutes before you shampoo or no poo, it will help stop the shedding... somewhat. 

For an extra boost, use cypress oil on your fingertips as you massage. Cypress oil will help with hair growth and slow down the hair-falling-out syndrome.

No cypress oil handy? Grab some olive oil. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil will help prevent hair loss as well.

Other oils which are beneficial to your locks -- rosemary, almond, castor, avocado, lavender, sage, and coconut.

Now, hop in a steamy shower and massage away. Better yet, grab your spouse and let him/her do it for you. You can say it was my idea. 

Keeping it green and lovely,


  1. Good idea! I've used olive oil in my hair for many months now - it makes it so shiny and silky. Every once in a while I'll use some diluted peppermint oil for a scalp massage (it increases circulation to the scalp), plus it feels AMAZING!

    1. How do you apply the olive oil, Katie -- how much, before or after shampooing, etc.?


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