Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A brighter home is about to be revealed

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Are you as frustrated as I am about the phasing out of the incandescent bulb? As I've written earlier in the month and ranted on FB, I hate CFLs. Hate them. Between the poor lighting they provide, the threat to our health when broken, and the environmental concerns when disposing of them, CFLs are bad news all the way around. Of course, that's just my opinion, and some of you certainly may disagree with me due to the energy savings associated with this form of lighting.

I'm thrilled, however, to have an alternative. The GE reveal® light bulbs offer energy-efficient technology with clean, brilliant lighting. Seriously. To prove it, I replaced 5 light bulbs in my newly redecorated den. The results were quite discernible. Of course, you might have to take my word on that, since pictures don't always tell the whole story.

Before... using a combination of incandescent bulbs and CFLs

After, using one GE reveal® LED light bulb and 4 GE reveal® halogen bulbs

Before with a 75W incandescent bulb

After with a GE reveal® 53W halogen bulb

As you can see, there is more clarity in the room. Everything appears sharper. The GE reveal® 53W halogen bulb is used as a substitute for a 75W incandescent bulb and the 11W GE reveal®LED light bulb replaces a standard 60W bulb. 

While the halogen bulbs are not as energy efficient as CFLs or LEDs, they still use 28% less energy than an incandescent bulb. 

Both the GE reveal® LED light bulbs and halogen bulbs eliminate the yellow tone of traditional lighting. The results are pleasing -- colors pop and eye fatigue is minimized (if not eliminated entirely). The bulbs are perfect for reading, needlepoint, painting, etc. as they are bright without being abrasive. 

The GE reveal® line is engineered to filter out those dingy yellow tones and provide an enhanced spectrum of light. Plus, there is no delay -- the lights come on instantly with the flip of a switch. The LED light bulbs dim (from 100% to 20%), saving even more energy. They use up to 80% less energy and, here's the really good part, contain absolutely NO LEAD OR MERCURY! 

I love these bulbs and have replaced the light bulbs in my office as well. Eventually, I plan to use the halogen and LED light bulbs from GE's reveal® line everywhere in my house. Hallelujah there is now an affordable choice other than CFLs! If, however, you are a fan of compact fluorescent lights, you'll be happy to know the GE reveal® line includes CFLs.

To learn more, visit GE reveal®

You can purchase the GE reveal® light bulbs nearly anywhere light bulbs are sold. But if you shop at Target, you can use this coupon (click here) to save $2. But hurry, the coupon expires on 2/8/14.

Smart phone users can download the Cartwheel Target app for even more GE Reveals and other amazing deals. 

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As a final note, I needed a new brochure photo for a conference I'm speaking at in March. What better place to take the picture than in the den with the new brighter, clearer lighting. I think it came out pretty well. What do you think? 

And yes, that is my foot I'm sitting on. I cropped the picture for the brochure!


  1. Your pictures actually do a really good job of showing the difference. Now even though the halogen bulbs use less energy, they're about a break even on cost because of the initial bulb cost. But yes, they're a great option for people who want to stick with incandescent.

    Meanwhile, I agree personally about CFLs (not a fan), but interestingly, if you get energy from coal powered plants (44% of America does), you'll put more mercury into the environment with incandescents than you will with a CFL, even including the initial amount in the CFL. So LED bulbs really are a good choice for those who will make the investment.

  2. I prefer the LED bulbs, although I failed to mention how heavy the bulb was. That was a surprise.


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