Monday, January 6, 2014

Global warming? Who are you kidding?

Image by Anna Langova
Wow. The new year is starting off with a blast... literally. An arctic blast, otherwise known as the polar vortex. For many, if not most of us, the temperatures are a bit too low, and they're descending even lower as I type this. Yikes, it's cold out there in Pittsburgh! Even my computer keeps freezing! I've heard from others in the community who are shivering in their boots in Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, and even Alabama. So, what's this all about, Al Gore??

I'm sure you've heard them by now -- all the jokes about Global Warming, which basically mock the premise that there is an environmental crisis going on. How do you respond?

The thing is, global warming is not just about where you live. That's why it's called "global." It's about the entire globe. If you look at the trends around the world month by month, year by year, this brief snap of cold in the US means little. That's all there is to it. Global. Get it? Overall, as long as greenhouse gases continue to increase, so will the Earth's temps.

You may be wishing for a tiny bit of that warmth right now -- hang in there. In no time, we'll all be complaining about the heat again!

In the meantime, whether you "believe" in global warming or not, the fact remains that we have to start taking better care of our planet. The toxic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, out-of-control waste, polluted air and water, etc., etc. are not going to simply go away. WE -- you and I -- have to do our part each and every day to show that we truly do care about the Earth and about the planet we'll be leaving behind for our children and our children's children's children.

Now, go grab a steaming mug of something and snuggle up with a loved one. This, too, shall pass.

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