Saturday, September 14, 2013

The messages we send

"There is nothing as powerful as those innocent, vulnerable little eyes to remind us of the majesty of our charge to take care of the earth. Politicians often talk about 'future generations' in a vague way, but here they are, giggling, wondering, spilling milk on the rug, and you have to stop and think what kind of air, water, and land we will leave them to grow old in. I think the example parents set is as important as anything -- picking up litter and throwing it away, recycling, speaking with respect for the farmers who make the fresh foods that go on the table -- all these things send powerful messages to children about our place in the world. Every day mothers take care to protect their children from harmful foods, toxic cleaners, harsh rays of the sun -- the earth itself needs that kind of love, and mothers can lead the way in giving it."

~Karenna Gore        
The Ultimate Guide to Raising Your Organic Baby
By Lynda Fassa

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