Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's start the week with a giveaway!

 Disclosure: I received this product for free as part of a review and giveaway opportunity with Bookieboo, LLC. The opinions in my review are honest and my own.

As I mentioned last week, I had a booth at the Allegheny Green + Innovation Festival at Hartwood Acres. My sponsor for the event was Natural Products Network and I am grateful for their support. Thank them for me by liking NPN on Facebook. I'm sure you'll benefit from the valuable info they provide on a wide variety of natural products! 

It was a long day for me, since I'm still recovering from the nasty kidney infection that had me in bed for over a week. Fortunately, my lovely daughters, Bethany and Jessica, were there to help. I was so impressed with their poise and enthusiasm as they spoke with countless visitors to the booth about the dangers of fabric softener, the advantages of cloth diapering, the effectiveness of Hyland's Homeopathic products, and the many ways we can all cut down on waste in our lives. We had Hanky Books on display as an alternative to facial tissue, Burger's wool dryer balls and vinegar in place of fabric softener, glass straws instead of plastic ones, rags rather than paper towels, and Diva Cups as a safe option over tampons. Less waste = less garbage in the landfills = responsible citizens of this amazing planet.

I was also grateful for our friend, Erin Fitterer, who helped keep the grandkids occupied and covered the booth for us while we were in the tent doing a cloth diapering demo. I cannot tell you how proud I was of the presentation my daughters did. They know their stuff and present it well. At the end of the diapering demo, one of the attendees won a Angel Baby Essentials Bundle donated by Earth Mama Angel Baby.

My husband popped in sometime after noon and helped by handing out literature and business cards. It was truly a family effort.

An excited woman named Tiffany won the Vinegar Fridays bundle, which included four bottles of vinegar, a signed copy of my book, and a VF reusable tote bag. Due in just four days, a happy mama named Jennifer won six weeks of cloth diaper service, complements of Green Cheeks Diaper Service. By the way, the owners of Green Cheeks are now also the proud owners of Happy Baby Company and will be opening a brick and mortar store soon right in the heart of Bellevue, PA! We're so excited to see what earth-friendly and baby-friendly items they stock their store with!

All-in-all it was a good day. I will admit it left me a bit exhausted, but I'm glad we had the opportunity to share our message of common sense greener and healthier living. And we were blessed with a phenomenally gorgeous day with temps in the mid-70s and an abundance of sunshine. The bright sun gave us the opportunity to try out a new-to-me product I received recently to review. 

 Goddess Garden lotion with sunscreen was a hit at the festival. Thinking that maybe some people forgot to bring sunscreen to this late-September event, I offered free applications of the Goddess Garden lotion to anyone who stopped by the booth. The SPF 15 lotion is free from GMOs (you know that makes it a winner with me already!), phthalates, and Vitamin A, which studies show may be a contributor to melanoma when added to sunscreen.

This organic lotion comes in three fragrances -- lavender mint, grapefruit bergamot, and tangerine lavender. I chose the grapefruit bergamot and was quite happy with the fragrance when I applied the lotion. It went on smoothly and the light scent was refreshing. We also applied it to the grandchildren, as they played for hours in the sun that day. Neither Lincoln nor Laura got even the slightest burns. My daughters are quite particular with the sunscreens they will apply to their precious little ones, and the Goddess Garden passed their test.

For those of you who live in states with warmer temperatures year round, every day is a day for sunscreen. But for the rest of us, we have to remember that even though the air is cooler as fall settles in, we can still get burnt when out in the sun for too long. So don't dismiss the need for a safe sunscreen!

Now, here comes the fun part! While I thoroughly enjoyed giving away prizes on Saturday, thanks to Goddess Garden, I get to do it again as one of you will win a tube of lotion in your choice of fragrance! The contest is open to folks in the US only (sorry to my international friends) and prize fulfillment will take between 4-6 weeks. Just enter below on the Rafflecopter and good luck!


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