Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shout it! Yes on 522!

Remember Prop 37? Californians were assaulted by loads of misinformation about the labeling of GMOs. The result? The big corporations, you know -- the ones with money -- got their way and Prop 37 was shot down by less than a 6% vote. And those of us who could see through their lies were angry. Furious, in fact.

Now Washington state has a similar proposition that will be voted on in November. Won't you join me in spreading the word about Prop 522 so that Washingtonians will hear our shouts above the clamor of corporation deception? 

The facts are that big pesticide and junk food companies don't want you to know what's in their products. They want us to be sheep and they fully intend on being shepherds. The problem is they're leading us astray and the results to our children and grandchildren are bound to be catastrophic. While I'd love to see GMOs eliminated entirely, that's not what Prop 522 is about. It's about consumers being educated and then choosing for themselves what is best for their families. This is a basic right we should have as consumers. The fact that companies continue to hide what is in our food makes me furious, as it should all Americans. We're not only being lied to, but we're being poisoned in the process and IT HAS TO STOP!

Over 64 countries and the vast majority of industrialized nations already ban or label GMOs. Why are we trailing so far behind?

All we need is for enough people to vote YES on Prop 522 in Washington. As awareness spreads, other states are sure to follow suit. The big guns are out and they're discharging their money into the cause to shoot down those of us who are demanding transparency. Monsanto alone just sunk $4.5M into the campaign to defeat Prop 522. 

The food companies are more concerned with their bottom line than our RIGHT TO KNOW. 

I'm going to be posting and tweeting a lot about this. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and repost and retweet away! Lions, or is it liars, roar. Let's roar louder!

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