Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When choosing a car, fuel economy, depreciation, and low maintenance are greener choices

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The Toyota Rav4 has earned good reviews from Intellichoice, Kelley Blue Book and other reviewers. It is true that it is rich with modern technology under the hood and on the console. However, the real test is the RAV cost of ownership.

The RAV4 cost of ownership is a blend of such factors as fuel economy, depreciation, and maintenance. In terms of fuel economy, the Rav4 is pushing the boundaries of a family SUV. It gets an exciting 31 mpg on the highway and an excellent 24 mpg in the city. In terms of depreciation, a study of current car ownership has revealed that 80 percent of old RAV4s are still being driven. Those are good odds for future RAV4 owners, and they are backed up by 2014 evaluations from Kelley Blue Book and Intellichoice.
Toyota includes complimentary Toyota Care with all of its vehicles including the Rav4. This immediately decreases ownership costs by guaranteeing a certain level of free care. Scheduled oil changes and tire rotations, for instance, are free under the warranty plan. In addition, if there is a problem on the road, roadside assistance is also free under the plan.

When car buyers look at the Rav4 and its competitors, it is important for them to understand the way that the cost of ownership will affect their lives. Rav4 is well-positioned to provide drivers with a money-saving drive for years to come.

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