Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How green is your back to school routine?

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It's that time of year again. A time I both dreaded and celebrated each year. Back to school. If you're anything like me, you feel a bit of the same way. As a stay-at-home mom who was a night owl, I dreaded the whole set-the-alarm-and-get-everyone-moving aspect of September (when school used to start). I liked the freedom summer offered. If the kids slept late, so did I. But then there was that rude awakening as the alarm blared at 7 a.m. on that first day of school. Yuck.

I also mourned the lost opportunities of summer, as I reviewed the mental to-do list I made up at the end of the previous school year. You know, all the activities I resolved to do with the kiddos, only to find that it was simply too late for that year and everything would have to wait until  the next summer. End-of-summer regrets. Am I the only one who felt/feels that way?

Then there's the celebration end of things. Oh yeah. Alone time. Ahhhh, I'd sigh as I sank into the cushion of the easy chair, cup of tea and book in hand. Yes! Like I said, it was always a time of both dread and celebration.

Back in the 80s and 90s when my kids were in school, being green was not something I ever thought about. We hit Kmart, or was it Hills way back then, and we'd buy a bunch of shiny new stuff. Then we'd go to the mall for the mandatory (in my mind) back to school clothes, even though last year's clothes still fit perfectly well. Ugh. Green was not my thing.

Now that I know better, I can dole out advice. But, of course, you can come back at me with, "That's easy for you to say!" And you'd be right. I don't have the battles to face with kids who want new this and new that. I'm beyond those years.

So, here's my advice -- if the kids absolutely must have new, at least shop green. 

Below is a list of other bloggers who are participating in a Green Back-to-School Event -- each one is offering a giveaway of something green for the school year. Enter the contests, visit the websites, read the blogs, and gird yourself with new options for shopping green. 

Have fun checking out the sites. And enjoy your ahhh moment as you watch the bus pull away from the curb. Remember, there's nothing wrong with relishing some alone time. 

What are you looking forward to most?

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