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The Noggle ... keeping your kiddos cool, and warm, whichever way they're facing

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What the heck is a Noggle and why you really do need it? 

The Noggle is a genius device you hook up to a vent in your car to direct air anywhere you want it! Why is that useful? Well, if you have a rear facing child, this is pretty valuable! While I don’t think my child is going to be harmed from being sweaty or cold in the car, I would love to give him the same comfort I have with air circulation in the front of the car. 

Let me tell you about what I received and how simple it all is! I chose the eight foot Noggle since I have a large SUV. This size will really come in handy down the road if I ever need it to go to the third row, but right now I have it in the second row. It came with two different adaptors that will work for any vehicle and two zip tie type fasteners. It was easy to loop the fastener through the vent and lock in the adaptor, then you just twist the hose over it and it’s locked into place. Easy peasy! 

We have rear seat vents that would be great for forward facing kids but since my 3 year old is still rear facing this was the perfect place to attach the Noggle. We had enough room running along the door that we routed it behind his seat and along the side, through the back of the seat and up to the head rest. 

There are many ways you can attach your Noggle because it comes with Velcro fabric straps to attach it anywhere you have a stationary spot! It comes with a warning to make sure you take the time to disconnect the Noggle from the vent adapter when you are leaving the vehicle.  (Oops, I always forget about this one since it’s attached in the back! Hopefully with it being near the floor it is protected pretty well from the sunlight but I will have to remember to do it going forward. It really only takes a second to disconnect/reconnect it!) Heat and direct sunlight magnified by a vehicle’s windshield could cause the plastic of the Noggle and the vent adapter to warp from the extreme heat.

We received the Noggle right before our summer vacation and it did a wonderful job at keeping my guy nice and cool! His favorite thing to do is to stick his legs straight up the back of the seat and let his feet feel the cold air! He either pulls off his shoes or has his crocs on and the air flows right in. It’s pretty darn cute when he says his feet are nice and cool! 

So with it being the end of summer, I was kind of bummed I didn’t discover this earlier and we would be done with it until next year, then out of nowhere in the middle of August we got a cold front. I’m talking lows in the 40s!! We had somewhere to be in the early morning and the cold air was a bit shocking to our systems. We got in the car and I turned on a little heat. Linc yells up to me that he can feel the warm air. Bam, this is awesome!! It never dawned on me that this would be beneficial year round!  Since we follow “best practice” rules when it comes to car seat safety, we don’t allow jackets in his car seat.  A little run down of our winter routine goes a little like this . . . Warm the car up beforehand when it’s possible, wear a thin layer of fleece, blankets in the car and bring along a jacket to put on after we get out if it’s unbearably cold.  So with the heater running and blowing out the Noggle right at Lincoln he will be toasty warm this winter! Yay!

I’ve added some pictures as to why those big bulky winter coats are a no-no in the car. He is buckled in nice and tight over his jacket but when you remove the jacket and buckle him in you can see how much slack is in his straps. It’s pretty crazy! In a crash his coat would compress and leave all that space between him and the straps, possibly leading to some pretty serious injuries. 

Questions about jackets/coats and car seat safety? Click here


I really didn’t find any drawbacks to this product, but I did come up with an idea for improvement. I think it would be great if it came in a wipeable fabric option. It’s located along the door in our vehicle, which makes for a prime spot for dirty feet. It would be great if I could take a wet rag and wipe it down. I’m sure I could remove the cover and wash it but would be nice to have a quick clean up option! Just my two cents! 

Now that I've told you all about the Noggle, wouldn't you like to win one? Click here to enter the Rafflecopter drawing for a Noggle of your own!

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Bethany Schad is a SAHM with an active three-year-old. She also happens to be my daughter! She is passionate about car seat safety, toxin-free living, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and a whole lot more. I'm honored to feature her as a guest reviewer time and time again.


  1. Hey, good blog. I'm sending this to my niece-in-law. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Pam! You could enter, too, and then give it to her if you won. :-)

  2. Very nice! I want one for my husband's pickup


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