Friday, August 23, 2013

A creepy crawly Vinegar Friday tip



Does anyone else hate them the way I do? My skin's crawling just thinking about them!

I stepped into the tub a couple of nights ago and there was a 1.5" centipede floating in the hot water. Yikes! I was taking a bath to relax, mind you. Nothing interrupts a nice relaxing bath like a creepy crawly bug. Yuck.

My husband told me there was another one in the shower last week. Double yuck.

So, it's time to pull out the vinegar and deal with this problem head on. 

Here's the recipe for keeping centipedes out of your home, and tub!

1 part distilled white vinegar
1/4 part cumin

Mix in a spray bottle and spray the perimeter of your home. This should keep them from coming in. I'm also spraying some down the drain because I plan on that being my first, and LAST, bath with one of them!

Keeping it green and less creepy with vinegar,

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