Monday, December 12, 2011

The Sabbath Experience ... and what a lovely Sabbath it was!

It was a lovely Sabbath. Really. Despite the cold temps, the sun was shining radiantly. Our worship service was uplifting and thought provoking as Bob talked about seeming contradictions in the Christmas story. I wasn't aware of how low on the social totem pole shepherds really were! And God chose to announce the news of His Son's birth to shepherds! Awesome! He led Gentile magi from far away to come visit the King of the Jews. He demonstrated how Jesus was about to turn everything upside down. Remember how He purposefully healed on the Sabbath? What good Jew does that?

I am so inspired by the way Jesus broke through religion and brought about change. He really didn't have much good to say about religious leaders, did He? He much rather chose to spend His time with sinners, like me.

After the service, we once again had lunch as a family at Reflections in West View. As I was walking across the street, I glanced through the window and saw an old friend. It was so good to see him cuddling his beautiful one-month-old baby girl. He shared news that saddened me, but it was good to see him nonetheless.

Bill and I watched a movie in the afternoon and then headed back to church for the annual birthday party for Jesus. Several of us shared our talents. I read my story, The Red Glass Pine Cone, and Bill and my three-year-old grandbaby, the lovely little Lady Laura, sang Away in a Manger.

Is there anything more precious than listening to a small child singing a song about Jesus? Not to me. Especially when it's my grandchild!

Photo by Lisa Bruno

After singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, Laura was one of the children that got to spit on the cake ... I mean, blow out the candles. And then, after eating some of that cake, she and my grandson, the little Lord Lincoln, got to run and dance off some of that sugar-induced energy. What fun!

Bill and I drove around looking at Christmas lights on the way home. Then we stopped at Applebee's for a drink and half-price appetizers. While we were there, a couple came in and sat down at the bar across from our table. The man turned around and announced to us, "We're the only black people in America that didn't vote for Obama." That was the start of an interesting rest of the night! They ended up sliding in the booth beside us and spent the next couple of hours chatting with us. We steered the conversation off of politics as quickly as we could. It's not a subject either of us wanted to discuss with them, other than my asking them why they felt the way they did about the president. We expressed the things we didn't like about him, but added the things we approved of. I'm one who believes there is always good and bad about every president and choose to pray for him and not tear him down. No matter who he is and no matter how I voted, the bottom line is he is our president and the office alone deserves respect. I abhor the current trend of teaching children it's okay to disrespect the leader of our country. I just think that's wrong. Do I think the president is wrong in some of his policies? Of course. And I'll be happy to respectfully discuss that with you if you ever ask. Bill feels the same way, which leads to a more content marital relationship!
It was late by the time we got home, so we headed to bed after Bill put the recycling out for pick up this morning. We didn't have enough trash to make it worthwhile to put out the garbage can, which is always a good feeling!

All in all, Sunday was a good day. A good Sabbath rest in the midst of holiday busyness. Even though we were out most of the day, it was still a restful and refreshing day ... and I got to spend it with my favorite person of all -- my husband. Yeah, it was a good day.

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  1. I just now got around to watching this. She is such a little sweet-heart! And Bill has a beautiful singing voice. It seems you're both vocally talented. :-)

  2. Thanks, Wanda. Yes, Bill has a beautiful singing voice. You should hear him do "O Holy Night!"


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