Thursday, December 1, 2011

The flip of the calendar

A friend happily posted this on Facebook today: IT'S DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must admit, I don't share her enthusiasm. December. Really?! What happened to this year? Things that happened last November seriously seem like they happened just three or four months ago. Is it an age-related thing that time flies by sooo fast?
I must also admit I'm not at all ready for Christmas. There already are not enough hours in the day to include shopping and wrapping and visiting, etc., etc. But somehow it will all get done, albeit with a bit of sleep deprivation.
When I spoke with my mom a couple of weeks ago, she told me she doesn't want people to buy her anything, she just wants us to come visit. There was an uncharacteristic quiver in her voice as she said it.
"I get so lonely," she continued.
My mother will be 85 next month. She lives alone 240 miles away from us. Neither of my sisters live close by either, and she's been widowed twice. She doesn't need another robe. She needs company.
So, back to my dilemma of not having enough hours in the day. I don't. However, tomorrow morning, I'm loading up the car, picking up my daughter and granddaughter and we're heading east on the turnpike.

Mom with the lovely little Lady Laura
What do I miss out on? A full day of work, light up night in the small town where I'm being featured as "Artist of the Month" in one of the stores that is selling my book, a Saturday that would normally be chock full of chores and my Sabbath routine.
What do I gain? Invaluable time with the woman who gave birth to me, read to me, scratched my back as I laid across her lap on long car trips (things were a lot different then!), helped me with my homework, sewed my clothing for me, taught me how to be a savvy shopper, encouraged my creativity, typed my essays for writing competitions, demonstrated a strong work ethic, modeled tenacity and courage, adored my children and grandchildren, gave generously, and so much more. May I never complain about taking the time to visit with her, for there will come a day when that will no longer be an option.
What about you? Is there someone in your life who you never seem to have the time to squeeze in a visit with? If they were gone tomorrow, would you have regrets.
It's December! Possibly the busiest month of the year. Don't let your busyness crowd out what is truly important?
Could I stay in Pittsburgh and get some shopping done? Sure. But Mom doesn't want presents, she wants my presence. So that's what she's getting. That and a couple of bottles of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar which she hasn't been able to find anywhere. Oh, and a copy of book, of course.
So, tomorrow morning, as Laura and I like to sing,
We're going, going, going to Grandma Gene's.
We're going, going, going to Grandma Gene's.
We're going east on the turnpike,
east on the turnpike,
east on the turnpike
to Grandma Gene's!
What can I say? Laura and I sing about everything!
Sharing my heart,

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