Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another anniversary

Bill, Laura and me
It was on this day in 1989 that I went on my first date with my husband. It was an unusual date, which set the precedence for an unusual journey together.

Since I had to stop by church to check in on a rehearsal for a cantata that I was directing a small skit for, we didn't have time for dinner in the beginning of our date. So we stopped at Ground Round and had dessert and coffee. Later, we returned and had dinner and wine. How awesome is that? Dessert first.

Today, as we celebrate 22 years of being together, I'm full of gratitude
  • to Bill, for bravely taking that step and asking me out and then sticking with me through all the crap (and there was a lot of it)
  • to my girls, Bethany and Jessica, who embraced him as their new daddy and have blessed him with their love and devotion more than they'll ever know. Plus, they gave him his only grandchildren, who provide such joy to him
  • to my step-daughter, Mindy, who adapted whenever she needed to, and learned to love me as a parent (for that, I'm quite blessed)
  • to my friend, Kathy, who insisted Bill and I meet and encouraged us along the way (even though her husband, Mike, bet her 50 bucks that Bill would never marry me!)
  • to my friend, Dawn, who listened to me gripe about relationship/marriage issues, yet never held anything against Bill (I mean, c'mon, there were problems in those early years)
  • to our church for their support
  • to God. Without Him, we would not have weathered the difficult times and would not be here celebrating this anniversary today
With that said, I'll close. But not without wishing you the most excellent day with the ones you love.

Sharing my heart,


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