Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Vinegar Friday!


Did you check out the brand new Green Grandma's Vinegar Fridays Facebook page yet? I'm giving away a copy of the book when we reach 50 fans. As of this morning, there were 41 already, so make sure you 'like' the page soon so you can have a chance to win!

I love the conversations on the new page, where we're talking vinegar! I especially love when others share their vinegar tips. Here are some tips from the wall that are not in my book:

Wanda writes: I use vinegar (or I should say, my nine year-old uses vinegar) to clean his retainer. Every night, as he's brushing his teeth, he puts his retainer in a lidded container, covers it with vinegar, and shakes it around for three minutes. Then he scrubs it with his clean and rinsed toothbrush.

When referring to cleaning the microwave with vinegar, Wanda also commented that the vinegar steam is good for cleaning out the ventilation system as well. Good point! I hadn't thought of that before.

Jane writes: A bowl of vinegar & water left sitting out overnight can get rid of awful smells! Even worked in a very old, stinky biology lab classroom I worked in years ago.... :)

Louise writes: I keep a small bottle in my laundry room and add some when I wash an item for the first time to "set" the colour.

Louise also posted: I think I have a new favorite Facebook page! Love it!

Isn't it time for you to 'like' (or in Louise's case, 'love') the page as well?! It's only a few days old and I'm loving it already, thanks to the tips that are coming in! Does anyone sense a 2nd volume of VF in the works?!

Keeping it green with vinegar,


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