Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sabbath Experiment -- week 9

Yesterday was another unusual Sunday for me. After spending several days caring for my mother, who lives 250 miles from me, I was able to return home yesterday.

Perhaps traveling on the Pennsylvania turnpike may not sound like Sabbath-type activity, but for me, the drive was relaxing. At least, most of the time. I wouldn't say driving through the snowy conditions as I traveled over the mountains was exactly restful, but the solitude was nice.

When I heard the weather forecast and shared it with my mother, she practically shoved me out the door! I didn't mind. I was anxious to get home. So I loaded up my wonderful Honda Insight Hybrid (that's just fun to say!) and hit the road, accompanied by a superior cast of voice over talents reading Jodi Picoult's House Rules. This is a book that really holds my interest, as most of Picoult's do, and the hours flew by.

Safely ensconced in my husband's arms by late afternoon, my body relaxed and my spirit rejoiced. Home! I love being home.

Despite the fact that the last thing he wanted to do was go out, Bill didn't hesitate to say yes when I asked him to take me out for dinner. I just wanted to be waited on for a meal and he knew why. After we came home, he went back to stringing lights on the Christmas tree and I headed upstairs for a long, hot bath. The Sabbath. A day of rest. Believe me, when I slipped into that tub, rest is exactly what happened.

I woke up to not-so-hot water and, while I had hoped I would be revived somewhat, the truth is, I was exhausted and I headed to bed.

So my Sabbath day included some travel, some fiction, some tenderness from my husband, a good meal, a hot bath and sleep. What it did not include was attending worship service, and I missed that. But all-in-all, it was restful.

Usually, one of the first things I do when I get up on Monday mornings is blog about my Sabbath Experiment. Today, I opted for some grandbaby time instead. Laura and I spent a lovely day together, singing and laughing and cuddling. So now, I'm feeling even more rested...which is a good thing, since I'll now to work late into the evening!

Anyway, that was my experience this week. What was yours? Have you started your own Sabbath experiment? I would love to hear your stories!

Sharing my day of rest,


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