Monday, December 27, 2010

The Sabbath Experiment -- week 12

Wow. Christmas is over and the new year is quickly approaching. Did you have a good holiday? We did, aside from missing some family members who couldn't join us. Bill and I slept in, enjoyed a nice brunch and exchanged gifts before the girls and their families descended upon us late in the afternoon. Then there was constant activity until after 11 p.m. when I tucked the lovely little Lady Laura in bed. By the time I climbed under the covers, I was beat. But I loved falling asleep knowing I would be waking up to not only my beloved husband, but to my precious grandbaby as well.

Speaking of my husband, he works so hard to make sure Christmas is as perfect as it can be. And let me tell you, he bestowed more blessings on me this year than I deserved. He humbles me with his generousity and grace. He gave me a most unusual card this year -- from Hallmark's Disney Princess line. On the front is a picture of Cinderella dancing with her Prince Charming. Under the graphic are the words, "Once upon a time..." And inside there was a verse that really touched my heart:

"We found a real-life love
that's way better than
any storybook romance.

Merry Christmas
to my happy-forever-after-love."

I think he's a keeper.

On Sunday morning, I awoke before Laura and was able to get dressed for church before she woke up. I think the poor little girl was exhausted. Bill left early to go teach Sunday School and Laura and I had such a good time getting ready and eating breakfast. I must admit I didn't time things well and ended up being late for church, but the time I spent with her was precious.

The worship service was wonderful, with the sermon ending with the YouTube video of the Food Court Hallelujah chorus. Our congregation broke out in applause right along with the holiday shoppers in the video. Magnificent!

Our pastor and his wife joined us for lunch at Eat 'n Park (Laura's choice) and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. Then, since it was the Sabbath after all, Bill and I came home and took a 2 1/2 hour nap. I especially loved this whole 'rest' thing on the day after Christmas!

Admittedly, we did spend some time in the evening cleaning up the Christmas mess, which included separating the recyclable paper from the trash, folding up gift bags, saving tags and straightening out and refolding tissue paper to use again next year. We were aiming for the least amount of waste possible. But we did it in a relaxed way, while we watched a couple of Hallmark movies. We finished the evening by enjoying the Andre Rieu Live in Dublin DVD I gave Bill for Christmas (bought brand-new for $1.99 at Goodwill about six months ago). It was a lovely day and I feel rested as I start off the new week. I must say I loved the whole 'resting on the Sabbath' concept this week, which gave me 'permission' to ... well ... rest. I think that's actually the whole point of it, huh?

So what did you do with your Sabbath day? Were you snowed in somewhere? Hopefully you weren't stranded at an airport!

Now it is time to move on with the week. I have no idea what is ahead, but it should prove to be interesting. It usually is.

Keeping it restful on the Sabbath,


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