Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best kinds of gifts

Snowflake ornament by Jessica Taylor
It was so much fun opening presents this year...especially when I found products from companies I promote here on the blog, like Crimson & Clean Soap. On Monday night, I slipped into a tub of hot water infused naturally with Soothing Bath Salts, scrubbed off dead skin with Soothing Sugar Scrub and lathered up with Goats Milk Body Soap. Divine.

On Tuesday morning I threw a load of laundry into the dryer with my brand new 100%wool dryer balls from Buddha Bunz.

Magnets by Jessica Taylor

Then I reorganized my magnetic bulletin board with the new magnets my daughter, Jessica, made for me. Her creativity and talent was amazing this Christmas and I'm convinced she could get a business going for herself if she wanted to. She crafted handmade snowflakes from card stock, a necklace from an old washer, and she transformed vases into sweater-wrapped containers that cast a warm glow when you light the hand-poured candles inside them. I love the fact that the sweaters came from Goodwill!
Vase candles by Jessica Taylor

Oh, I got some other great gifts for Christmas as well, like the water cooler for my office so I can have hot and cold spring water at my disposal. What a thoughtful husband I have!

But it was the green gifts and homemade gifts that touched me the most. Next year, when you start your shopping, why not consider making some gifts or buying gifts that will help your loved ones live greener lives?

Necklace by Jessica Taylor
While others were dreaming of a white Christmas, I was dreaming of a green one...and, for the most part, I got it!

Keeping it green,


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