Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sabbath Experiment -- week 10

Wow. It's been ten weeks already. Hmm. I must say that the craziness of my life (trips back and forth to my mother's, etc.) has tainted my original intent somewhat. I'm thinking that a more accurate evaluation will start in January, barring any family emergencies, when life in general slows down some. Let's face it -- the five or six weeks preceeding Christmas are busy times.

Yesterday, I started off the day with worship band practice and a wonderful worship service. Then the kids and grandkids came over (with takeout Chinese) to watch the Steeler game. This didn't sit particularly well with my husband, who is definitely caught up in the busyness of the season. But we made plans while he was in an elders' meeting after church. Sorry, Bill. His plan was to head outside (in the pouring rain) and finish the outdoor decorating. Don't get me wrong -- Bill loves spending time with the kids and grandkids...nothing makes him happier. But not having everything he thinks should be done stresses him too much to enjoy much of anything. Haven't we all been there? Where busyness crowds out everything else?

Aha! Wasn't that one of my primary goals of The Sabbath Experiment? To take a day, despite all that is left undone, and simply rest and enjoy all the blessings God has bestowed on us. I guess that is easier said than done in some cases. Like in the case of my husband who works fulltime and has had weather, health and my absence to contend with over the past month. He simply has too much to do. My solution? Skip the outside decorating. His response to that -- depression. He loves having the front and back lawns lit up to celebrate the birth of our Savior. It makes him happy. And, after all, this is my Sabbath Experiment, not his.

So what did I do? I left the gang watching the Steeler game and headed to the mall with my two-year-old angel. We had such fun! Since it was raining, I didn't feel like struggling with a stroller, so the lovely little Lady Laura simply strut her stuff to the oohs and ahhs of busy shoppers. What a cutie.

In the evening, Bill and I went to play Pinochle at the home of some new friends. Good food, good conversation and fun. I think my day went well. But I am looking forward to Sabbath days of rest come January.

Keeping it somewhat restful,


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