Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy birthday, Bubba!

Bethany on her 2nd birthday... long before we understood the dangers of artificial food coloring!

Thirty-three years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I named her Bethany because I loved the softness of the name. It reminded me of sweetness and kindness. To this day, the name still fits her perfectly.

2 years old

The middle name was an equally easy choice -- Dawn -- after my best friend since kindergarten. I liked the idea of honoring a friendship by naming my daughter after her. I hoped it would create in Bethany a sense of loyalty that is essential to friendship. 

9 years old

I was honored to raise this beautiful young lady. She is sweet, kind, and loyal (as I'd hoped), but she is also strong, committed, and devoted (qualities I hope she got from me). She has a servant's heart like both of her fathers. And she resonates with grace and forgiveness, which she gleaned from the examples and teachings of her second father. 

14 years old

She has triumphed over hardships many others would have surrendered to as victims. One of the most touching things I've ever heard her say was, "I don't regret anything I've gone through because I wouldn't be who I am without any of it." Oh, if only more people could embrace that philosophy in life.

Jessica, Bethany and me

As you can tell, I am a proud mama. Bethany is a devoted wife and fantastic mother and like I said in the beginning of this post, I am honored to be her mother.

Happy birthday, Bubba. I love you with everything in me.


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