Friday, June 12, 2015

Dinner in the Field at Freedom Farms

Don't let the " the field" part throw you. The pavilion is quite comfortable.

This past Sunday, I attended Dinner in the Field event at Freedom Farms in Valencia, PA. The theme was 'Fresh Herbs' and we were served some amazing food right from the farm. We also had ridiculously delicious cocktails made from strawberries and basil, rhubarb and rosemary. I haven't had a mixed drink in years, but The King of the Garden (the one with strawberries, basil, and dark rum) made me wish I could have one or two nightly! I'm actually going to make a pitcher of them for an upcoming party I'm having. Can't wait to taste it again!

Jessica with her youngest of three

Bethany with Robyn Lee

My daughter, Jessica, treated her sister, Bethany, and me to dinner with the Kings for our birthdays. And I'm so glad she did. Our friend, Erin, joined us, and my husband babysat two of Jess's children, so we only had the 3-month-old with us for the evening. Like I said, the food was amazing. 

Equally amazing to me was the reaction I got when Lisa (Mama King) saw me there. She squealed (literally), "I love your book! It saved my winter."

Pete's signature locks are hidden in this picture
After asking her what she liked about it, she said, "Everything. The hair rinse. Cleaning the toilet. Oh... and the face mask. My sister's doing that now. And Pete rinses his hair in vinegar all the time. I lent him my copy and he's never given it back."

She went on to tell me she must have me come to one of the events for a book signing. One thing led to another and next month you'll be able to read my column in the Freedom Farms magazine, where "Farming is King."

Lisa King sharing planting tips


Needless to say, I was delighted by the accolades. Looks like Lisa King and I have a mutual admiration society. If the name of the farm sounds familiar, there used to be a reality television show called The Farm Kings. They're one and the same.


If you are in the area, I highly recommend attending one of their Dinner in the Field events. The next one, Circus in the Field, will be held on Sunday, June 28 at 6 PM. You can find out more information or purchase tickets online at or by calling 724-586-5551. You can also buy tickets at their Farmers Market, Traveling Markets, Donut Shop, or Sandwich Shop

And look! Even in the field, we used cloth napkins. I'm in love.

The table settings and centerpieces (old liquor bottles spray painted and graced with some of the flowers from Lisa's garden -- I failed to get a picture) were done by a really cool place in downtown Butler called All About Reclaimed. I can't wait to take a trip out there to see their shop.

You can see one of the yellow centerpieces in the background

Lisa King keeps herself and her family busy. I find it hard to believe she actually had time to read VINEGAR FRIDAYS. She's a dynamo who never stops.

Looking forward to my next trip to the farm,


  1. Oh how I miss Farm Kings on GAC was a lot of fun to follow and watch the boys grow older and more independent and Betsy wedding on the farm was great, I do miss that show Pennsylvannia is a far drive from Oklahoma, but I do have great memories of the show. We need a Farm King around here.. Glad you enjoyed your meal and drink watched them build that outdoor area on one of their shows.

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Thanks for posting the comment. I didn't know about the show until the last season. By then, I'd been buying produce from Pete, Tim, and the others at a local farmers market. They're such humble guys and I'm not a reality show fan, so I was surprised when I found out about the show. Now I wish it was still on.


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