Friday, June 19, 2015

Fatherhood, the second time around

With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, I wanted to give tribute to my husband, Bill, who stepped in after my first husband died, and became a loving daddy to my little girls. I never imagined how much love he would pour into them. Not only was he a father to the fatherless, but he was the daddy they needed as they grew. 

For all you single moms out there, hold on. Never settle for a man who does not love your children. Period. There are countless good men out there. You just have to wait for the right one. The one who will not only invite you into his heart, but will open his heart to your children as well.

I'm speaking from experience. I'm speaking because I know

Not only has he been the best father they could have, but he's an amazing grandpap as well. 

Happy Father's Day, Bill. I'll be ever grateful to God for the gift of you.


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