Friday, March 13, 2015

We can change the world... with kindness

Photo by Lynn Greyling

After my husband's heart attack on February 1st, a woman who used to be involved in my writing group, showed up with dinner one night. With all the bad weather during the past month, she hadn't come to pick up her dishes until today. Since I wasn't going to be home, I left them for her on the porch. When I arrived home, they were gone. In their place was a lovely basket of fresh fruit. I was beyond touched. Especially considering this kind woman is suffering from Parkinson's.

But hers is not the only act of kindness I've witnessed lately. We've been attending a new church over the past several months. When my daughter had her third baby 2.5 weeks ago, several women from the church started taking meals to her. They don't know her. Most have never met her. Yet, they reached out with a practical expression of love.

There is something to be said for that old time community sense that we seem to have lost with our busy lives and electronic existences. I'm as guilty of this as the next person; perhaps more so. It's easy to shoot off a Facebook message of condolence and concern. After all, it doesn't cost us anything to do so. There is no investment of time or trouble. 

My challenge to you, and me alike, is to do something special for someone this weekend. Celebrate the coming of spring by lightening someone's load. I'll do it if you will. Now I just have to figure out what I can do.

Are you with me?



  1. I helped my daughter super-clean her house in anticipation of the arrival of her first child next week. I took along four kinds of soup for her to put in her freezer, and then we put together six other casseroles for her to freeze. There may have been a tiny bit of time and trouble involved, but her gratitude made every moment worth while.

  2. That's wonderful, Jan. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. As the grandma of a 3-week-old, we're kind of in the same boat. :-)


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