Friday, March 20, 2015

The Easter Bunny's gone green!

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for ClimateStore and this is a sponsored post. I received product and/or compensation in exchange for my thoughts expressed here. Nevertheless, they are my honest thoughts and opinions. 

Easter baskets. They were so simple when my kids were growing up and I wasn't concerned about artificial colors in candy, GMOs in chocolate, or loading my kids' rooms up with more and more stuff. Things have changed, however, and Easter baskets aren't as simple as they once were. Now, health-conscious and green living parents are looking for alternatives to the way things used to be. Many are using natural dyes to paint their eggs and are filling their children's baskets with organic snacks and toys made from recycled and safe materials.

Here are some of my recommendations for Easter basket goodies from ClimateStore:

Fox Waste-Not Animal Kit
Recommended for ages 8 and up, this kit includes everything you need (except the 20 oz. water bottle) to create a fuzzy orange fox. eeBoo uses recycled materials, which help teach your kids about sustainability. And they've found that crafting actually helps develop parts of the brain that deal with math. So if your kiddo is struggling with arithmetic, pull them away from the homework and set them down at the craft table for awhile. Available in hedgehog and chameleon, too.

Jump Rope
This eco-friendly jump rope by Green Toys is the perfect Easter basket stuffer. Not only are there no batteries required, but the jump rope is made of 100% cotton rope with handles made from recycled plastic. Plus, jump ropes take your kiddos outside to play. What a great way to burn up that excess energy kids always seem to have! Available in 3 colors.

Recycling Truck

This Green Toy is kind of a practice-what-you-preach toy. A recycling truck made from recycled plastics. Brilliant! What child wouldn't delight in "driving" this truck around the neighborhood?

What Do You Know Bingo

A Bingo game loaded with fun facts to help children learn about the natural world. Yes! Add to that eeBoo's dedication to providing earth-friendly products. This Bingo game is for ages 5 and up and is printed on high-quality 90% recycled greyboard.

Ecosaucer Flying Disc

Take some plastic milk jugs and create toys for kids. That's exactly what Green Toys does and this flying disc is no exception. Another Easter basket goody that takes your kids outside for some fresh air and exercise. Mom and Dad might even enjoy tossing the Ecosaucer around a bit!
Honest Kids Binder Pencil Case 
Made from upcycled Honest Kids® drink pouches, this zip up case is perfect for pencils, crayons, or any little collections your child may be gathering.

Of course, there are many other wonderful items you can find on the ClimateStore website that would make excellent fillers for your little ones or your teenagers. Why does it make it difference to shop online at ClimateStore? Simply because they care about what is happening to the earth we'll be leaving behind for our kids and grandkids. Isn't that reason enough? As they state on their website: A planet friendly lifestyle should be easy. They've searched high and low for their collection of energy efficient and low carbon products, so you don't have to! You can trust them.

Won't you prove to your family this year that the Easter Bunny has gone green? Let's hop to it.



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