Thursday, December 12, 2013

Join Hyland's Holiday Challenge

It's that time of year once again. The time we all seem to overeat and overstress. And the time when we promise we'll do better in the new year. Right? Well, Hyland's has kicked off a Holiday Wellness Challenge and they want people just like you to participate. 

It's easy, too. Just head over to their Facebook page and click on the Holiday Wellness Challenge tab. All you have to do is invent your own healthy challenge and sign up to receive encouraging tips and coupons. Plus, you'll be eligible to win a gift basket of healthy Hyland's products, including the NEW Hyland's DEFEND Severe Cold and Flu Powder (and you know this is the time of the year to have that on hand). Don't forget to share the challenge with your friends on FB. After all, don't you want them to be healthier, too? Get ready for special product giveaway opportunities and discounts featuring Hyland's most popular products that you'll only be able to receive if you are partaking in a challenge. Also, Hyland's will be giving away two gift baskets per week featuring the following products:
  • Calms Forte, 100ct -- $9.59
  • Nerve Tonic, 100ct -- $9.59
  • Arnica 30x, 50ct -- $7.49
  • Muscle Therapy Gel, 3oz -- $8.59
  • Bioplasma, 500ct -- $12.79
  • Bioplasma Sport, 12pack -- $11.99
  • Leg Cramps, 50ct -- $9.19
  • Restful Legs, 50ct -- $8.99
  • NEW Hyland's DEFEND Severe Cold and Flu -- $12.99
  • Hyland's DEFEND Cough and Cold 4 Adults -- $12.99
TOTAL VALUE -- $104.20!

Let's all set some goals to stay healthy this holiday season. I'm up for the challenge. How about you?

Check out my post later today about staying healthy by eliminating artificial food coloring in your icings, sugars, and cookies. If you didn't know artificial food coloring was bad for you, you'll want to stop back later to learn more and to discover some safe alternatives. 

Let me know what your wellness challenge is. Let's do it! Just click here to get started.

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